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21 Feb 07

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What you are about to read is only a brief sampler. These notes are extracted from our Exaltation Seminars. There is nothing quite like it, so please be prepared to be surprised all the way, opt out if you are in any way indisposed or in a sensitive condition, and fasten your seatbelt if you are staying.

ELOI—Exaltation Lines Of Impact— is the most beautiful thing you have ever heard about yourself. Sit back, have a beer and a smoke, on the house. Get your own tissues, though. It is hard to believe the human heart can take so much love. And ELOI will make you see that you deserve it.

We started the year grateful as usual for being able to put the previous one away in relative peace of mind. Just being able to say as usual is what makes Australia a lucky place. We have the same problems as everyone else, though our own always look smaller than theirs, however it happens. Perhaps it's that their problems appear to be plagues compared to our hassles. All to say, you wonder how they cope with it by the day. The Australian mentality is born wondering about that, and remains perpetually curious as to how it's possible to accept a difficult lifestyle without a break.

This is still one of the lucky points on the planet, apart from the occasional bushfire and traditional drought in between. On some days we might run short of water and have to choose between taking a shower or giving it to the plants. But something is being done about that:

What matters is that water awareness is trickling across the land, now, it is no longer restricted to a desert lament you can't hear from the city.

As to why so many people complain about the
train service in some parts of town, it can only be that they use it to get to work and then again at the end of another day. One who goes by rail once in a while hardly sees what the fuss might be about.

Commuting is part of a difficult lifestyle, at any rate. Probably because there is something about getting to work that is not pleasant to keep doing day after day.

Some aspects of public transport could be improved. No doubt that will happen in a near future: today, a couple of scientific breakthroughs is all it takes to make life better for everyone in many practical respects—just as happened when Edison gave us light, and then Tesla shifted DC into AC.

Life is difficult because everything needs improvement. Don't focus on difficult when you think about it, invest your struggle of another day in a belief of improvement.

Religion of Sport in Australia
It was good to get The Ashes back and also host the Tennis Open in a way that keeps making Australia enviable—as dramatised at the 2000 Olympics, of course, although the sheer size of the event was not the real cause of international prestige. In fact, some Olympiads come and go and you hardly think of it in your dreams.

How is sport related to all that, anyway, or is it explanation enough to say that sport is religion in this country?

To say that sport is treated as religion in this country could be a compliment to a nation, or one of the highest marks of prestige you could ever get from the world, depending on how it's worded.

The real religion is the Australian ability to host international sporting events in a general style that keeps reflecting the genuine spiritual significance of sport as part of life.

On the contrary, what one Sheik had to say of late hardly reflects a genuine understanding of spirituality—which is a man of God's first duty. And the other Sheik who spoke not long after also raised issues worth a second thought, to be commented when we return.

Until then...

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