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Is Perfection Possible?

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Traditional sayings

Perfection is not of this world.

True quotes

Lao Tse (Futureprimer's version, only)
Intensive quietude in a void of thought, this would be perfection.

Napoléon I

[Word for word from the French:]
If it she (*) weren't a chimera, it wouldn't have so much success.
(*) Perfection being feminine, in French

Phaedra's translation
Perfection wouldn't be so popular, were it not an illusion...


Ancient Statue [NB: None of the Individuals here-mentioned are known to have said, or thought of saying, any part of the following whatsoever. Ancient Forum has made up all of these remarks in a technique of extra-temporal caricature.]

Leonardo Da Vinci (in the workshop, with his old master):
Perfection is possible—or would we imitate it all the time!...

The old master (say it with Italian accent and hand-gestures...):
That's right, my good pupil—what else is there to paint??

What (would be left) else is there to criticise?...

If you can create shapes by destroying them, then this proves perfection exists!

Perfection is possible—follow me!

Idi Amin
Prefection?... You ask me if prefection exist?—I a living proof it exist!... An' also, Africa the oldest territory, prefection everywhere, here: the big land, the panthers—all the natural animals! Everybody always come here, wanting to see them—but I think it international pretext! They come to see me, only too shy to admit!...

Bjelke Peterson
Perfection? It almost happened to me the other day, come to think of it... Not that I was ever meant to understand it—I mean, even if I could, what would be the point to think of it at all?...

Akasher unleashed...
Perfection always looks like something else. Even God mistook it for beauty...

Error is twice human!... Man errs, because he keeps mistaking beauty for perfection—then lays the blame in the beholder's eyes...

A la Voltérienne
If perfection existed, God would have kept it all to himself!...

Life doesn't bother about being perfect or imperfect, it only ever moves from one clarity to another...
Evolution is perfect, not because it is, but because it is capable of taking the whole of itself out of obscurity and into another, less shaded one.

Ancient Lyre

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