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Who Deserves What?

Who Deserves What is one title out of a 50-page coverage of Australian issues—including Watering Australia, The Traditional Australian, The Digger, etc.

Australian Readers take any couple of lines from Futureprimer at a pace, because them one-liners will just seem to be coming from left field, until you get used to it.

Is Paradise an Entitlement?...
Perils of Entitled Expectations...

Since Sheik Elhilaly made an issue of who deserves one thing more than anyone else, and since no one knows the mysteries of the workings of his mind, let us have a neutral standpoint of general knowledge. Because knowledge cannot be invented or imitated.

To speak of who deserves to own Australia in this day and age just goes to show that life has become a matter of entitlement. Nothing matters but who is entitled to love, success, victory, paradise or respect—all in the same vein as medical benefits, too.

This attitude of compensation is contrary to what God had in mind.

What God had in mind is called Grand Design, and we move away from both by understanding one as bad as the other. We keep moving away, not closer, because some of us are takers and others feel at a loss, but both fall off the bed feeling entitled to a claim.

Now, what remains to be seen is whether an attitude of lodging a complaint first thing in the morning has ever brought anyone closer to paradise.

It would be a scientific miracle of clinical psychology, if someone could snatch a taste of bliss on that basis, and even have a sense of satisfaction for the rest of the day!
King Solomon and 1 Baby for 2 Mums...

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