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The 2010-2019 Uranus-ARIES Forecast

This is what we call a heavy lineup, referring to a long-lasting planetary alignment, as opposed to one that comes and goes over the weekend.

Uranus is one of the 5 far away planets in our system, so-called heavy because their orbit is so wide and it takes decades and centuries just to go once around the Sun—in fact it takes ages to make any kind of move, which can be somewhat annoying if you're waiting for something exciting to happen sooner. And we're stuck with this thing in Aries until 2019, almost 3000 days yet. If you're an impatient sort of person, this could be the chance in a lifetime to quit the habit.

Mind you, the slowing down of time can be a bonus, especially when the end of the world is looking at you and you have until December 2012 to work out a prayer in a hurry, just in case. Still, even if we make it past the Mayan Prophecy of Doom, that still leaves over 2000 days of Aries to go thru; hopefully our world will be better organised by Christmas 2012 or so, so if we did survive Doomsday we could then get our act together on the double to meet the future—on the double, because it's coming at us at full speed; we had better be prepared to meet our futuristic destiny, because it ain't slowing down, and getting a grip on it all of a sudden without preparation would be as cataclysmic as the end of the world; no doubt that's what the Mayans saw, if they saw anything.

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Uranus back from the Great Depression


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