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URANUS Back From The Great Depression

Known as the maverick planet and one of the slowest moving in our system, Uranus will be going thru Aries for a 9-year period at a stretch, except for a couple of short breaks in between. In other words, you are looking at a relatively rare celestial configuration, which means that history repeats itself less frequently, so to speak—and this can be a good thing, especially when you don't want a repeat of what happened last time.

Trouble is, Uranus got back to Aries in May 2010, for the first time since the Great Depression Era—indeed the last time we had this thing was from 1927 thru 1935, a detail some may find alarming given that the Great Depression was believed to be a thing of the past, until now actually.

And now the rest of us remain to figure out whether the September 2008 Economic Meltdown was a kind of natural disaster, something we couldn't avoid but can get over with good will and cooperation, or if it is a continuing crisis we have to live with for the rest of the decade.
We have until 2019 to make up our minds as to how to interpret the reality of what's happening in the world of finance.
It may be safer to start by questioning whether we should try and interpret anything in a global sense of a bigger picture, or if it's all right to treat the general reality of life as a political game of sport.

Next we look at What could happen at worst and also Responding to a crisis.
These and a few more articles are being cut from an 80-page text, so please give it a couple of days; see you then...

A couple of days and a bit later, and as promised we now look at the question everyone's been worrying about of late: What could happen, at worst?

If you're worried about the global economy, then the worst that could happen is that it may take 5 whole years to get over this depressive climate. The prediction is that we will surely get the better of the crisis we're in, even if it takes this long; it won't, because no one wants to linger in this disaster area—having to measure every act and calculate every move day in-day out is no way to be.
No doubt we'll be having fun again by September 2013. Already by then we should be looking back to 2011 and wondering how we got ourselves into something as old-fashioned as an Economic Depression—which is an insult to the modern mind.
Trouble is, given the number of people and organisations who have been hit by this financial calamity, there may not be too many of us left to enjoy the recovery, even it came by Easter 2013.

That's if there's anyone left to enjoy anything after the End of Days which, according to the famous Mayan prophecy from ancient America, is due in December 2012—hardly 3 days before Christmas.
Luckily, thousands of such eschatological prophecies have been issued over the ages and, obviously none of them ever came true; we know it for a fact, because we're still here. So, we may not be gone for a while yet.

But say this one doomsday ancient prophecy should work out; what's the worst that could happen, then?
Well, then that would be it, game over, no more expectation. Yes, we could still have a life in the Afterlife, but it won't be life as we know it; the end of the world is the worst thing there is, for this kind of reason.

And now, what if all life were to end as predicted by December 2012 and business hadn't picked up, yet?
Well, then, we'll still be in a global depression to the last and, at the very worst, die poor. What could be worse than to die poor in a financial economy gone insane, after a million years of evolution?
Only one thing could be sadder, to realise that we hadn't quite known life, after all that time.

Now the Nestor Oracle will tell you about Responding to a Crisis.
The ability to respond to a crisis is not limited to imitating what our ancestors did about it, just because they had the same problem we seem to be having.

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