Multicultural Warfare

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God is one but the sky is a big place.

MULTICULTURALISM has always existed as a natural condition of the human race.
Life is pluralistic, and society is naturally multicultural in any country. Many people were deluded enough to try the ideal of one pure race, forgetting that we have been inter-mixing for 5 million years...

MULTI means "a multiplicity of" and a CULTURE is a whole way of being which involves special customs, habits, preferences, a different sense of taste in each case.
In real life, the word multiculturalism is used to indicate what is possibly the best thing that can happen to a country—because having an international world at home will increase wealth, enrich the genius, and also open pathways to a new understanding of the National Identity, in fact.

In a nutshell, the positive advantages of multiculturalism are enormous. It is idealistic to expect all these good things to happen without some psychological turmoil on every side, but we don't have to overdo the drama and it can often be done without. In a negative sense, the word multiculturalism usually describes an undesirable state of affairs, where some people feel they have been invaded, or must give up their own way of being in order to make strangers feel at home.

FOREIGNERS are definitely regarded as normal people with all the usual human qualities and faults, but they are also suspected of bringing trouble with them, mostly because they have a difficulty to learn the language and this soon adds to the strain of people who struggle to survive—and struggle even more with their own language.
There is always a basic explanation to any multicultural-related problem and one must never call it big names, like "racial conflict" or "ethnic violence", in haste.

Every schoolboy knows that migrants are kind people in need, often much needed skilled workers, or people who wish a new life. The more serious concern is with foreign CUSTOMS, not with the people themselves! These different customs do not readily blend with those of the HOST COUNTRY. The foreigners eventually form their own communities—and this is always desirable, for many positive reasons. These communities often claim whole suburbs to themselves, which makes sense due to number. We then have many cultures within the traditional ways of the land—and this is not a problem, until it becomes one, mostly when individuals feel strong enough to become the law in the village. However, this challenge to a common law is not especially a foreign custom from anywhere in particular, it is has to do with psychological balance—and no human group is known to be better off in this regard.

In summary, the host nation benefits greatly from a multicultural mix, but may also suffer in some respects, for two reasons:
(1) the mix is not always a success.
(2) exotic customs often spread about town with a force from left field. When this happens, the indigenous significance of the host can be perplexed or destabilised—but it gets worse if an outsider exerts a left field influence without being aware of it.

Actually, the greatest national tragedies are due to a performance of pure genius while the performers behave as genuine nincompoops.

Multiculturalism is not the result of some new ideology suddenly breaking into the room while everyone was enjoying the peaceful harmony of the nations...

MULTICULTURAL WARFARE is not primarily due to race, colour or creed—these are aggravating factors, not causal!

The same may be said of RACIAL HATRED, where skin pigmentation is not the essential trigger of conflict, it only inflames the wrong kind of passion in a human soul.

The important realisation is that HUMAN CONFLICT is omnipresent—available in every sphere of activity, every group without exception!

Also, these conflicts all have a different name but the basis is the same.

What happens in the Middle East or between Black and White populations also rages in the same town, at home around the family table, between uncles & nephews, pupils in the same class, males and females, mates, members of the same team or party, etc. It would be rather rich to describe a divorce or an argument in parliament as a racial crisis, but there is not much difference between a lovers' quarrel, ancient religious wars, political animosity or ethnic cleansing, when it all comes down to dog-eat-dog rituals.

These problems have a common denominator—the way the HUMAN MIND works!

Multiculturalism at large is a tentative reconciling of beliefs from different backgrounds. The PRIMARY problem is not in how many different beliefs must coexist within the one territory—it's that BELIEF is never harmonious in itself, wherever it comes from!...

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