Psychological Impact of Economic Depression

The word Depression now used to describe an Economic Catastrophe is almost certainly borrowed from Clinical Psychology, although the two problems are very different. They are similar in that in a case of Acute Depression the will-power is affected, leaving the person feeling pretty helpless, each day a little more. And during a Global Depression people everywhere are affected by a growing sense of doom and no one can do a thing about it, at the time.

The difference between the two problems can be enormous or extreme however, first because the Financial Depression does not constitute a genuine medical condition as such; certainly it could become a severe medical ordeal for a person who loses everything overnight. Also one could experience traumatic stress, even without becoming unfortunate to that extent. However in general it is possible to say that people who have managed to survive the crisis somehow will start picking up momentum, as soon as the signs of recovery are announced. Whereas news of a Financial Recovery may have no effect on someone who suffers from a medical depression. It is recognised that living through a depression can be a periodic season in hell or sheer agony for many years, by the day.

First Killer in a Global Depression...

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