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The 2009-2012 Saturn-LIBRA Forecast

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Saturn travels thru Libra every 30 years for about 3 years at a time, usually with a few months break— previously from 1980 to 1983 and currently from October 2009 to October 2012 continuous, except from April to July 2010.

LIBRA represents all types of human relations personal, social or diplomatic while SATURN, who generally indicates restraint and limitation—usually a shortage of essentials or a lack of everything—can be expected to have a restrictive effect with regard to the ability to communicate intimately or for professional purposes.

disciplinarian lineup acts very strongly on marriage and partnership, family ties as well as international relations, and with a tendency to make any part of it or the lot more difficult than usual and far from ideal rather than easier, even in a simple case of two old mates having a beer and a chat. This lineup can be stingy to a point of keeping dialogue as short as hi and goodbye, and even that may be too much to ask on some occasions.

Mind you Saturn often has the reverse effect, where saying hi and goodbye could take forever, so fastidious it is to explain what you mean without offending someone or other. It could also be the beginning of a long relationship.

More when we come back, the time it takes to put it in a language just for you.

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