Orfeo for Star Sign Lonely Hearts

The Aquarian Woman in Love

13 March 2007

You are beautiful in a special way of being sincere to yourself.

This sincerity is a way of being and you make it a priority. Not that you go about town presuming to feel for truth better than anyone else. It's a way you have of getting out of bed and starting another day by recognising who you are.

You are sincere in a portrayal of yourself as the person you prefer to be, from one hour into the next. You remain unclear as to what it is you have to offer, how you could make someone happy. Still, you keep being one way, often against the trends.

It takes much strength to hold on to a belief despite unfavourable results.

aquarian maiden Orfeo has more to say, when he comes back for you. Meanwhile he will tell you a secret of romance, because you are precious.

The Lover accepts your gift as is. But don't think of it as giving too little or not enough. What you give of you comes to a lot, because you are true to yourself.

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