ELVS-Expressions of Lingering Valentine Sentiments

The Sagittarian Woman in Love

13 March 2007

In your case, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, only if you are the one doing the looking. In a general sense you are pretty much indifferent to how a man sees you, so long as what you see in him fits your idea of a working match. So it should be. You are a sentimental realist, after all. For instance, you couldn't care less how he might fancy you or who else might be in his imagination at the time, especially if what he has in mind to do about it is going to amount to any kind of fantasy, even just for him...
two hearts

You value fantasy as a lost art of love, Orfeo thinks.

Trouble is, you tend to narrow it all down to a practical consideration of your abilities. Actually being down-to-earth at this juncture could well be a romantic enemy.

sagittarian archer

To fulfill your vocation as a lover,
first get down to the fact that you are a transcendental entity from head to toes. The beauty you offer may be found in your hair, however you wear it today, because it flows with your personality.

Orfeo will explain these things to you, when he comes back for you.

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