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Valentine 2007 Star Sign Messages

11 February 2007

Love is a big thing; you could be happy from it for a day, or come back all the way from the last life into this one, to have the same kind of day, just one more time, just one more time..

Oh, dear, love is just something else.

Our ELVS' Oracle,
Orfeo, is completely Italian about it.
two hearts

Now, then, such a stupendous thing is love, were we saying, the only crime is to wake up the next morning and find out it can't happen for another year!

Now, to business:
Valentine is a tradition of saying I love you to someone, anyone—or many ones, if that's how it is... Lovers understand these things. But they may not have the words for it. Orfeo knows all about that.

Two more things: (1) However you do it, put love in the first place on that day, somehow. (2) If you are alone, Orfeo won't let you down. In fact, if you do
not have someone in your life to say I love you to, click here — Lonely Hearts Valentine Oracle Messages. It may be an experience to feel loved, understand and learn things—and for all, wake up next morning not owing anything to anyone.


If you are in a relationship, you will want to keep a close relationship with ELVS throughout the year. You could easily forget all about Valentine's Day, once you find out how Orfeo takes care of people. Even the Great Idol Valentino is envious about it.

Now, Orfeo will tell you what is going on in your love life and how to bring in the romance where it matters—but you ought to know, this sentimental oracle works it all out by the stars. Because, you know, many people still feel angry about astrology, and all that.
Don't feel angry, says Orfeo, or love might come arguing with you, before anything happens, already.

How do you like all that? Why, no reply? Hmm, you must be impressed. The real Valentino used to think like that: "Perfection? Hmm, yes, it might have existed, before I came along..."

There are endless variations for each Star Sign. It's possible to have a general idea. Click below, as the case may be. And don't forget, most of all, it takes a little doing to get used to the idea of happiness.

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More soon...

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