2005-7 Saturn Return in Leo

Saturn in Leo Remembers Heroes

This text is based on The 2005-7 Saturn Return in Leo (original draft first issued in February 2006).
Highlights from that text are now presented in greater detail.

A Time for Remembrance

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Saturn may be the black ram of astrological history but when it comes through Leo, it filters a light unlike any other, fine, pure, the kind we all want for those we miss. This celestial background serves commemorial purposes supremely well.

Make this a time for Remembrance, but be specific about it.

Saturnine dignification of heritage is most compatible with Leonine striving for an assertion in national greatness, making this lineup eminently suitable for honouring our precious values. Some of these seem to be lost in time and others we keep forgetting to address, so the hard part is to work out what is venerable, depending on who might be in a mood for all this.

The two-year period ending September 2007 is most propicious for a celebration of ideals inspired from heroic deeds. As to what we should celebrate, this is usually where the lights are on but no one is home.

Heroes often don't look the part they play in ordinary life. Every nation has an image-problem, because we allow heroism to be reduced to a special act.

A Nation is great in itself, because ordinary people keep playing hero when they shouldn't or really can't afford the luxury—not as long as a few great ones remain to pass on the flame.

Apart from all that, the hero-cult is neither malignant nor such a bad idea, however it can be a scourge where looking up to someone is explanation enough for never digging for the gold in ourselves.
On the Way to Gold...

Ego-inflation happens where heroism keeps being associated with deeds of a kind and not any other. Identity-crisis grows more reckless by the day on that basis.

Make this a time for REMEMBRANCE.
Spare a thought on any day for Those Who Fell For Us, because they deserve no less.

As we said, Saturn comes to Leo only 3 times in a century, so here is an opportunity to assimilate some points time helps forget. In general worlwide we spend too much time lamenting over greed, immorality, loss of values and lack of respect.
In fact, the Modern Individual shows respect and cares for more things than his predecessors ever did. But there is always room for improvement and this now is a choice time to reconsider how we go about showing gratitude.

To make it a poignant social message we should be specific when we say thank you or wish to extend an apology. It works the same at home or in Foreign Affairs: what is there to be thankful for?

In strategic terms:
You can't defend what you don't value.
If we go about town being thankful in a vague cliché, then any rogue can make a mess of what we forgot to make clear.

As to offering an apology, if it doesn't work it isn't for lack of trying. Modern Life resembles a daily apology, come to think of it... We should be in a paradise of peace, by now!

We are still in a world of conflict, for two reasons:
An educated apology may be all we have left, to try and build an effective program of reconciliation.
(2) Reconciliation can't be less than a whole program, because struggling away for a few centuries too many has left us with bruised souls.

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Turning someone into a sun-god is a bad traditional habit only if we forget that we are sun-gods all of us.
Hercules waits, and waits...

We all have a hero-function in ourselves, just as there are traces of gold in our blood.

Individuality is psychological gold to a human being overall.
Athanor Distillations

Simple heroism can never be a special performance by some people so everyone else forgets to exist for another day.

Perhaps the noblest gesture to those we revere is to keep appreciating that there are many more like them in our streets.
Lion Rouge

The hero always wants to share with you the feeling of what is most precious.

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