2005-7 Saturn Return in Leo

Saturn in Leo

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This world report-analysis is part of a series based on what astrologers call HEAVY TRANSITS.

Some technical details:
NEARBY planets are FAST-MOVING, circling the Sun in a matter of months (7 for Venus) whereas FAR AWAY Saturn (30 years) and REMOTE Neptune (165 years—which makes it a 14-year stay in each star sign, compared to weeks for Venus!...) SLOW-MOVING bodies are called HEAVY, for this reason.

All astrological analyses & predictions are based on CYCLES, and there are two very different systems of operation—TRANSITS and PROGRESSIONS.** TRANSITS are a planet's REAL whereabouts—as used by astronomers, pilots, astronauts, architects and calendar-makers. Being slow-moving, HEAVY TRANSITS have a lasting impact, which shows in era-changing trends and in marking physical events.

"Good & Bad" transits represent potential to be harnessed, which is the hardest part, since there is no formula for harnessing an opportunity, or for recognising a blessing in disguise—even if it came as a fool doing backflips in a carnival crowd. So used are we to the circus of everyday, the only time anyone complains is when something looks straight. We even call it weird, because it breaks the illusion of normality.

** PROGRESSIONS are unique to astrologers, but the technique consists in a mathematical projection of a planet back or forth in time—to make predictions or assess the past. This is not real, but FICTIVE, and therefore scientifically unacceptable.

Current cycle:
July 2005—September 2007

This configuration combines the two most authoritarian elements in the sky, stressing much the same in society for a two-year period during which power-conflicts come to a head and the world is inflamed with authority shortages and excesses all over the place.

Saturn in Leo, previously:
Sept 1975—July 1978
Aug 1946—May 1949
Oct 1916—Aug 1919

The human ego has never been satisfied and comes out every 30 years with a big roaring sound to try and capture an essential sense of self-importance at all costs.

NEXT Saturn in Leo cycle—2034—a futuristic time no one is especially enthusiastic to envisage based on a statistical projection of current litigational moralities, where being ill is claimed as a right. At that rate, medals will have to be delivered to spectators at the back of the large Beijing Olympics stadium, for watching the events from so far away in such a big place. And probably offer the Purple Heart to those who got lost in town.

Astrology students know what Saturn does and objects to, before they can say "equinox" with a straight face...
"Saturn is the planet of KARMA, the hard teacher, the discipline-enforcer—and you want this one working on your side, not against your interests!..." These are the first things you learn. This planet—still the most feared of all—returns on the same point it occupied at your birth every 30 years, a movement everyone knows as "The Saturn Return" and generally feels better once it's all over, however it went!... If you haven't learnt your lesson by the time you turn 30, you can always tell your grandchildren how to go about it when you turn 60. "Don't work against it, whatever you do," is all you'll want to say.

In general human affairs, a Saturn RETURN in Leo must be seen as a substantial opportunity for GLOBAL ADVANCEMENT. It takes a dreamer to believe that the human condition can be improved, but we all have the same dream, anyway. Any small chance of betterment at large is the kind of idealistic proposition we wake up to, whoever we are.

leo The opportunity at hand calls for a very DELIBERATE* re-alignment of collective aspirations to CONSTRUCTIVE** ends.

* LEO is the CENTRAL star sign, as in sun, heart, king, actor on stage, champion, hero—and EGO, the seat of CONSCIOUS ACT.
** LEO also represents LIBIDO, the constructive force in the universe—as opposed to MORTIDO, which works to negate existence.

Bearing mind that one may work hard and do ill, LUCID Saturn in this star sign calls for a rational return to order, and plain sense—rather than for a whole international community of people to continue moralising without any restraint whatsoever, to a point where morality itself becomes immoral!

Progress acquired during this period will prove DURABLE, if the human effort is driven by a RATIONAL consideration of goals relevant to a 21st century society. Any social progress made at this time will prove SUSTAINING if it is based on a REALISTIC assessment of our limitations. But it will be short-lived if we keep striving for very positive goals selected by INSTINCT, or compelled by momentary urgencies. In other words, we are off with the fairies when we respond to a crisis by setting up positive programs consisting of deploying big means of action with a handful of trained people to follow it through, and a thousand others learning as they go.

EXPERTISE remains central to all current problems and crises, not greed!

Our MEANS of action are sophisticated and ample enough for most critical purposes. What we DON'T have is an INTELLIGENCE to match.

We could send teams to build houses on the Moon, but if we were to repeople it we would make it just another colony based on the same system we go by—which consists in going by as long as we go by, and doing ill rather than doing nothing.

GOOD INTENT is not enough and a PROGRESSIVE AGENDA must account for MENTAL EVOLUTION at this point in history—or it will remain widely SELF-NEGATING, basically.

We are not encouraging a blossoming of the human mind, we are forcing it to reveal its mysteries. We want to control life, to control the source of all power, and that's that! This Luciferian intelligence works well for various purposes, but we are not learning that you can't send soldiers to police streets in disorder, and expect them to be social philosophers as well!...

Under Saturn in Leo, SOLUTION-FINDING must make the HUMAN PERSONALITY a central point of consideration—to avoid solutions that resemble a ROADMAP TO PEACE, drawn by people whose idea of searching for the deep roots of current conflicts goes as far back as 1940...

What kind of civilisation have we arrived at when our elite strategists reflect on the ancient causes of today's crises as often as they dwell on the symbolism of Sodom & Gomorrah—which they still imagine to have been "some small town God especially wanted to destroy, because people were so obscene, running outrageous sexual carnival everyday..." In view of the RELIGIOUS CONFLICT heating up the planet, it may be an idea to get this straight: "The only outrage is to lower God to OUR level of puritanic compunction!"

Tremendous benefits are available (to individuals, groups and nations) between July 2005 and September 2007, but nothing "extraordinary" may happen to you or them in that time, or it may not be obvious at all. However, Saturn works best on a long term basis and this period contains clear prospects of better times ahead for those who reckon with the future beyond current trends.
  • Capitalise on this 30-year opportunity most directly by working a realistic assessment of human potentialities and vulnerabilities into your agenda.
  • Make the HUMAN FACTOR a central point of consideration.
  • Plans made at this time are more likely to turn into WINNING STRATEGIES, if you keep a perspective on where the civilisation is at.
  • Currently winning strategies that do not take account of GLOBAL NEEDS & MOTIVES may not keep winning too long after September 2007.
  • WINNING SOCIO-POLITICAL PROGRAMS will treat issues of broad compass—Abortion, Ethics of Social Compassion, Crime Rate, Censorship, etc—in the light of what is required in this day and age, bearing in mind that "Life is so different today" because a MODERN INDIVIDUAL is completely unique in history, and we are different from our nearest ancestors!...

Saturn in LEO is a perfect time to come to terms with the IMPACT of MODERNITY on the human EGO. We have evolved a new way of feeling for most things—how we give or take pleasure, interpret pain, success, what we settle for.

Strong businesses and well established economies grow stronger thanks to ample hard to match prospects in this two-year period, to September 2007.

This period will be a turning-point in material circumstances for an EMERGING NATION that has prepared the ground for a phase of rapid growth & made provision for unexpected acceleration. The same general idea applies to BEGINNERS (novices, apprentices, early starters, also first starters, as in a LAUNCH, etc.)

Saturn in Leo means promotion to LOW RANKERS and gives voice to the UNDERDOG—and often the upper hand to the ROGUE—depending on how well-prepared they were to meet luck, or if they had done their HOMEWORK and others hadn't. However, in competition & contest at this time, the advantage tends to go to those who train with a METHOD. The Government looks good and stays strong, unmoved by low tricks and blows below the belt. It would take serious political craft for the Opposition to shake the powers in place.

When Einstein said that God did not play dice with life, he meant that hazard isn't quite haphazard... God didn't play some game and the Big Bang is no random operation. But Life is a manifestation of pure adventure, and God took a chance.
LIBIDO is an expression of that RISK. On the contrary, MORTIDO is always trying to prove that NON-EXISTENCE would have been better for everyone—for which reason, the Devil is always trying to sell some Plan of Destruction or other!...

leo As the sign of Libido, LEO is also premier in the area of GAMBLING, and the very archetype of the PLAYER.

If you are a LEONIAN you may be an adventurer, the bold type. Or live life as an experiment, a tentative person, subject to high and low confidence extremes. Or you may be the scientist, not remotely interested in a game of cards—but experimenting all day long, just the same!

Saturn in LEO creates a two-year trend** during which gambling activities and experimental strategies tend to be conservative, very disciplined, or denied—as in quitting, for instance—or just the contrary, purely instinctive.

As to SATURN, this is the first planet of BUSINESS and the archetype of AMBITION. As such, wherever it be it always stresses a necessity to set one's goals and will surely prefer long-term objectives with a LUCID approach to match.

** In contrast, the MOON comes to Leo once a month, but only for 2 days at a time. Whereas PLUTO last went through LEO from 1937 to 1958, and a whole generation of people born then have a "Plutonian Way" of going about a win.

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