Political Schemes and Social Schedules

You won't see the worth in an idea or policy between two elections.

It would be nice to see the outcome of a political agenda, preferably before the end of the term, but you'd be lucky to see what it does to a whole society of people in a decade—it takes several centuries to make up a fairytale!... In other words, POLITICAL AGENDAS are a small expression of a GLOBAL POTENTIALITY, and all put together over a long period of time these motions will direct the course of mankind & the destiny of nations. We want, and need to know what social schedule our leaders intend to put us through—we feel entitled to know what decisions are being made on our behalf—but you can't ask for that, because they themselves can't tell how it'll all turn out 140 years down the track. No one is good enough to read the future as an open book and no CONSPIRACY is possible where far-ranging futuristic insight is required.

To most of us, interest-rates, inflation, tax, discounts, compensations, budget-allocations & parking-fines are government policies that will affect the quality of life in a community, state or nation. We forget how it used to be. These motions & decrees that can make our life better or more of a burden have a long history—and there is a very important relativity to it.

Early Societies had a system of rules & retributions just as we do, albeit somewhat cruder. You didn't get a fine for double-parking your mules in front of Pharaoh's Palace, you were good for the crocodiles or for the Natron Mines... SOCIAL SCHEDULES were already in force while people had no name and no language, in fact. They started shaping society as we know it when they developed a basic power of grasp. SOCIETY is never the result of a coincidence, it always means that decrees & initiatives must be adopted or rejected—by some DELIBERATE procedure, even when this seems to be an an instinctive choice. All beings & creatures have a faculty or SELF-ORIENTATION. Animals, prehistoric people or a child in the wilderness know what to do—because they can decide to go ahead, backtrack or take a turn.
EVE didn't know what she was in for when she took the apple, but she knew there would be a CONSEQUENCE. It was the First Gamble.
EVOLUTION is not the result of TRIAL-AND-ERROR—we only gamble with consequences!
Isolated, unable to communicate or grasp a meaning, Primates & Apemen were so extremely helpless, any "novelty" could have jeopardised their fragile survival or ended evolution right there, actually—so, the little they could make sense of meant everything to them. They became ferocious VOTERS when they knew how, because there was no one else to carry a GENETIC RACE.

Laws & Policies always are relative to what people have and know of.

Today as always we are affected by what our Leaders decide though these worries tend to be circumscribed and the ULTERIOR hardly an issue beyond the years ahead—whereas in the past no one thought of a royal decree as better than the last or worse for the coming year, your survival was at stake in that motion! Basically, you had to be "Kosher" as to long-term outcomes. Until Modern Times, people were "superstitious," living in dread of some cataclysmic punishment—they expected Divine Wrath or Nature's Revenge in a storm or if the sky looked peculiar...

Precarious evolutionary conditions also meant that GENETIC PROSPERITY was an omnipresent worry—
you were virtually born obsessed with what to be or not turn into!... Hence, to them as to us any government measure, new law or state regulation could be a practical blessing or make life harder, however, unlike us they were especially fearful of a GENETIC CATASTROPHE, which we have resources to avoid...

We see TAX as a nuisance of a kind, serious as it gets it remains a typical aggravation. We see a parking-fine as an isolated concern of a kind, whereas previously, any bit of social rule & obligation was seen as part of a CHAIN of CONSEQUENCES, which could either keep life going at a kind of pace, or make it more unbearable than usual—or eventually mould society into something all Prophecies had warned against...

LAWS were made by the MIGHTY—the next best thing to Divinity—and they could, therefore, attract special favour or wrath from Above. As we said,
the EARLY MIND was not only fearful of plagues, floods & famine—but of what we now call MUTATION of SPECIES, worst of all!...

Casual regulations actually monitor lifestyles. We become what we let ourselves become. Any new scheme, law, regulation or de-regulation, potentially affects all men across the board, because it can modify age-old principles, societal guidelines, racial or cultural imperatives, with two possible global consequences for a civilisation, and two only:

CIVILISATIONS gradually turn into a Sodom & Gomorrah without noticing it, or on the contrary fulfill their own unique character in the dimension of their own era—without burning itself out from the inside, as happened in that Biblical Episode.

To be continued...

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