Who are the Prophets?


Prophets, psychics, magicians & fortune-tellers may have as much in common as Canaries & Giraffes. You can only tell them apart in that some stand high and others sing better. But so do Pilots & Sailors. Apart from a kind of trade, there seldom is a resemblance, only some look the part, and others have stage presence. What really makes them different from everyone else is that they "dabble in the Black Arts"...

You could be a despot or an assassin, and still rate as a person—even the Taxman does...—but if you're a mystic, be prepared to be treated as a jackal or a martyr. You have to prove that you belong to the human race... Try selecting Metaphysics as a Vocational Option... If you're 14, OCCULT is in what you find in the HORROR Section, at the Video Library. You could be thrice as old, live in the most emancipated cities, and never have conceived of it as a lifestyle. From this standpoint, Prophets & Psychics of any description all are socially perceived as one—they commerce with the forbidden, this is reason enough!

It's that the SUPERNATURAL makes a mockery of esteemed values, basically.

You could be treated as more of an eccentric than a fake, or worse, depending on mood or town. PROPHETS OF DOOM gain publicity in many parts of the world, but are unheard of in many more. It's an old saying, "The Devil walks among civilised men, or hangs at the village-gate" This Proverb—just made up for our Readers, now...—warns against too hasty a conclusion as to who is better off or what might be safer. Some think it more manageable to have hell in our streets, rather than make it look like paradise—only to have Horns stuck above the door-frame, every ten houses apart!
The Cathedral-Builders were wise enough to have some hideous GARGOYLE at every corner of Sanctity. Still now, these ugly figures are believed to have been put up there "so as to scare the devils away"... In fact, it's to get us used to the idea that we stand a better chance as we strive to make paradise out of what we've got, rather than keep a clean Ad-Image, then worry 20 times a day, "where did I go wrong—and who's to do all this laundry, anyway?"...

As in other lines of work, there are degrees of occult proficiency, shades of mysticism, special orientations, exceptions, variations, unusual observations, talent, etc. Being good-natured, mischievous, wholesome or irascible has to do with Temperament, NOT Trade—or IGNORANCE would be a biological condition. ILLITERACY is especially enforced by circumstances—which is why there is hope in this world. One could be a despot or perform miracles, and never see it happen. In the final analysis, EVIL always occurs in exact proportion to a degree of Personal Ignorance—and only exceptionally in connection with a Kind of Trade.

A Banker is not corrupt for handling money all day long. The Military occasionally produces monsters, but this is much rarer an event than is supposed—and it happens to the same extent in every other field of activity. A Farmer spends his days caring for his earth, by relieving it from that which may choke it. SORCERY can work two ways, in the Jungle:

(1) Such a nuisance ignorance can be, wild animals won't live within 10 miles from a Witch-Doctor. BEASTS have experienced ignorance for a billion years, they don't trust it at all; they only care for evolution.
(2) They may migrate 100 miles to be near such a person.

MODERN PSYCHICS—Mediums, Palmists, Online-Oracles—are loving parents, law-abiding, life-loving citizens, and
as such do not set out to challenge secular order. HERESY is when you try to change a system without any plan whatsoever. CIVIL FREEDOM grows more real, and stronger, for accepting different optics. DEMOCRACY enjoys being perturbed. It takes a LUNICRACY to be scared of crumbling down at the least exposure.

Still, we may well have the best deal going for ourselves—thanks to our open-minded society—but we scare easy, all the same...

Anything out of place is seen as a threat to NORMALITY. We were that way before printing & TV, when SYMMETRY had the last say—even in warfare. CATAPULTS, for instance, had to advance in a straight line, so many paces apart... Same for putting up ladders against a fortress... When you were attacked by Apaches, you had to turn the wagons in a circle, wait for the Indians to turn around in a circle—it all seemed so normal, no one complained...

But who in 2005 hasn't heard that nothing runs runs in a straight line? Who doesn't own a radio?—a destitute gets to read the newspapers, it flies at your face.

And the news of the day tend to repeat themselves, these days, suggesting we had better review our priorities. While no one cares for being panicked about these things, we all generally understand that there is an urgency to it.

TERROR obviously is more than a matter of bomb-attacks. And it won't stop no matter who gets arrested next; this is pretty obvious by now, too.

We may not know quite how to understand this problem, its root, or what to do about it—but we do know that
OUR VALUES are being attacked. Whoever the enemy really is, we must protect ourselves by consolidating our inner ties, check our established priorities. Some of it may not be worth dying for, the way it's been set up!

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