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Axioma Veloce
• Futurism itself may already be a thing of the past—outdated!

What is the future?
Time is not bound to tennis-court regulations. The future is a physical extension of the world we live in.

• Existence continues in the same material dimension on any day.
Our material reality is carried by the Earth through space at 18 odd miles per second—2.6 million km per day... The spatial environment is not equal in all parts; our speed is a constant factor but Universal Speed is not.

• Regardless of the variations we move through, our world is able to show a similar material composition.
This kind of speed actually makes life different at different times in different parts of space. A sugar-cube subjected to that type of speed will cease to be what it is.

• The velocity of time is the first principle of chemistry.
Luckily, we can use regular bleach to brighten the napkins. If we were to put these through a speed-accelerator each time we had guests, the whole street would be cleaned up as well...

• In a human sense, the future is a projection of hope.
Futurism is a very human affair, because if we don't hope right, we don't get there at all. No one has it different anywhere in the universe. God Himself had to work out a Design, before turning Chaos into Life. He didn't create the world in 7 days; it all happened at once—once He had a Design. The future was created in that same moment.

• Eternity was the future, from the Big Bang on.
The future walks backwards from ahead in time, to confirm the reality of each passing day.
It isn't much different at election time: one creates a new situation of hope by stepping on that podium, then we find out how it all worked out, at the end of the term. In some countries this happens every 6 weeks or so. In other places, hope looks the same even if you don't feel for it. After a few centuries in a regime, no wonder some of us are born liking certain foods and never any other.

Designing the future is a variable affair. As for most things, it has a lot to do with taste. And this has everything to do with climate. Take ideology; desert-people need cool gods, but out there in the North Pole, who needs more of the same?

Futurology might span over several decades, often into the next century. Individual & collective concerns mostly centre on what may threaten survival or encourage prosperity.

Prosperity Axioms
• Prosperity includes Survival. The reverse seldom applies.

What futurology is & does
In a broad sense, futurology is concerned with the mechanics of living in tomorrow's world. It explores the depth of human wish for life. This is a collective will to survive beyond being & existing, it is a desire to keep encouraging life; it involves a very real ability to prosper through intelligent relations.

• The mechanics of social survival rely entirely on mature cooperation. Our Ancestors must have been socially mature, before they went fishing, or we wouldn't be here 5 million years later.

Man is more adaptive than a chameleon...
• Futurology seeks to assess the human genius for adaptation to a changing environment.
But a human being is more complex than an enigma, and the next phase of evolution could well be more than a leap from tricycle to bicycle... Survival theories may be mistaken when they describe our genesis as an adjustment to geophysical conditions—where all evolution amounts to having enough firewood, too much ice, copper instead of flint, etc. As if Nature were especially interested in what we can do with our hands, or how we like our food!?

Serious futurology is the proposition of man's continued existence in a multi-dimensional environment —because man is a multi-dimensional entity.

Futurology is meant to be useful
In order to assess future trends specialists must engage the knowledge from all scientific quarters:
• That data is sure to produce genuine futuristic insights, if it is adequate enough at the outset, and processed with assiduity.
Any aspect of futurology involves a time-transaction.
• Persevering with diligence & impartiality is required, because the time-barrier may not be broken as easily as the sound-barrier. Not that this was less than a total, often fatal, ordeal for the Test-Pilots, if the movie The Right Stuff is any indication of the process. Regrettably, it is the only movie of a kind—but then, isn't that what that movie is about, the indifference of progress to its own accomplishments?

Collaboration is essential at all walks—not because this has a humanitarian ring to ring—but because science may open the door to the future, but a whole world of people must go through it!

• Mature cooperation consists in not misleading one another at every opportunity.
Whereas daily use of deceptive tactics as an end in itself may have worse consequences than what any social system could sustain. After years of hourly intrigue, it is possible to be so entangled in one's own subterfuges, hoping for better may be more painful. Nor is the Cold War a unique example of conflicts that tend to remain pretty hot for a time longer. Most History has never cooled off. We are fighting over ancient feuds. It isn't profitable to warmongers to make this clear as we pass exams—and often leave school to fight for their battles, believing they represent glories to be saved!
Every second or third war was started 756 years ago.

Regular cooperation also suggests such social traditions as dog eat dog kindly take the back seat, when riding towards futurity.
• Those who
promote these internecine customs should think again, if they believe that people at large must be enjoying this daily bread, or why would they keep investing in unadulterated nonsense?
Nor is it a waste of time for everyone else to rethink the matter—for 2 critical reasons:
• We can ill afford seraglio intrigue on a daily basis, at this time, of all things.
• But as a fact,
Future Generations will have a lot more problems than we would like to presently consider—more intense, often enough—and so, these daily hate rituals would be a dangerous excess for anyone, in about 2 more Olympiads from now.

Terror a la carte blanche

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