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One million years is a speck in history. But a mind is as large as life. Comparatively, the brain would be the size of a star in the sky—yet it has more vital points than all crossroads on this planet.

We have more flashing lights in our heads than there are traffic-lights in all streets combined... However, we only use a small part of this network.

This limitation has no biological basis, it has always been a fact, and that's that!

HUMAN BEHAVIOUR is conditioned by performance.

Somehow, our best performance wouldn't light up a candle—yet we could send a rocket to the Moon by the Power of Thought alone, we have this much going for ourselves.
To put it more academically: Man isn't equal to his cerebral potential... The brain hardly runs on 10% of its functional capacity... etc. After a time these statements round up as clichés.

CLICHÉS rate as one of the most brilliant invention—the cream of the crop, really—but they must be used in view of a comparison, or they soon lose all evocative power.

EVOCATIVE POWER is the only antidote to Social Lethargy. [Axiomatiq]

WILL is useless against this poison, which is by far Man's worst enemy. Biblical Prophecies warn us in no indirect language: "LETHARGY is the cause of all ills in this world!"... "IDLENESS is the Devil's tool," etc. But these, too, become clichés, for we don't know what to compare the devil to, do we? To say that God is the exact reverse of the devil would make it a first-class Heretic statement!

EXISTENCE is difficult, because it gets to be monotonous, or dreary—and this makes it more complex, then corrupt, in that sequence. We are taught the other way about:
"Life is hostile, because Man is corrupt. Then, things get more complex, and we grow bored."
We get to be taught "whatever comes to mind," it seems! Those who teach these inanities shouldn't be envied. Unless they knew no better.

It may be somewhat revolutionary to realise that
INTELLIGENCE is connective—but it would be worth the effort. You could spend 20 years in academic circles and never quite hear of it that way. Selling BRAIN POWER as brilliance & brightness only encourages slumber in a civilisation that is psychically bruised. We've taken too many blows in history. So bruised is the INTERCULTURAL EGO from so many a self-defeating episode, we could all sleep for another 283 years at a stretch, never realise that we're crying for VIVIFICATION. [FREUDIANA]

To break this traumatic lethargy we should think of BRAIN POWER as a system of bridges, junctions & traffic lights—and stop thinking of POWER as a kind of fireworks in some parts of our brains, for goodness sake! It is blunt to say, but it has to be said: we're growing duller for having moralised EDUCATION. [LAMPATA]

Take WORD POWER: the meaning in a word won't get you far into the week, if you can't connect a meaning to several other meanings. We're back to saying that Intelligence is CONNECTIVE. But, don't let that be just another word, think of a connection as a RELATIONSHIP, or an extension, a chain of meanings, a series of events that bear the same character... MARRIAGE is Self-Multiplication, in fact. Word Power or Brain Power— you gain experience as good as in going places & doing things, if you connect meanings. If you don't think by way of ASSOCIATION, you tend to stay right where you are.

In the final analysis, CONCEIT isn't even an attitude—it disappears as we move on.
The malicious spirit in TABOO takes a nasty blow each time you establish a connection between any two meanings.

Use these guidelines when you are projecting figures, planning ahead, making predictions, a forecast, or otherwise looking into the future:

Do not judge your insights.
Do not discard any of them.
Don't think of it as either good or bad.

The future seldom reveals itself as what it might be.
Your eyes will deceive you. You will see things, all right, but you won't know what to call it.
A prophetic insight could be staring at you or sitting on your head, you won't know what to make of it.
According to Edison, "Inspiration is mostly elbow-grease"... This formula holds good for all forecasting purposes:
Prediction-making requires 3 parts of logical deduction to 1 part of psychic aptness.
Don't try so hard to make psychic sense. Always opt for using your head to doubling psychic input.
Use your head in plain English.
PLAIN ENGLISH is commonsense, in any native language. COMMONSENSE is logical deduction, with a touch of feeling.

Start again rather than going on feelings alone.
Feelers, hunches, etc, are perfect when computed rationally.

GUT-FEELING is ordinary sense, computed very fast... [LAMPATA]
INTUITION is mostly made of gut-feelings, but it works best when the mind is not racing...

Based on the above,
Being in a Psychic Mode consists in being completely ordinary. Being Basic Enough is so difficult, you have to be a magician, if only to remember how it goes...

How to tell if you are on the right track, while PLANNING or FORECASTING:
If you need to treble your psychic input,
you are probably on the wrong track—or looking into another kind of future than you had in mind...
If you are using more than 3 parts of your available psychic potential, consider another job.

In synthesis:
(1) The Future is an Unknown Quantity. (2) Perception of unknown quantities consists of vagrant parcels. (3) Stray insights are most frequent. (4) Have a method to deal with these.

An effective, rather invaluable, method consists in being aware of something you don't normally like—e.g., garlic at breakfast, cabbage however it comes, mess when you don't want it, noise, cold water...
Use these dislikes, (1) as a psychological protection, and (2) to measure results.

Remember: YOU have prophetic potential!
Call it ESP or Supernatural Ability—there is a lot of it in your cortex. However, DO NOT think of your magical properties as a quantity, as in "How much of it do I have?" MYSTERY remains elusive, because it's hard to put a finger on the ungraspable. The ELUSIVE is scientifically frustrating, because we can't call upon it at will. To put it bluntly:
We feel defeated by what we can't put into a box. [LAMPATA]

We take it as an insult, if something is still running free, out there... [FREUDIANA]
Magic & Miracles cause much upset in this world—personal turmoil, social conflicts, rebellion...—because they are the most wonderful things we have, but we can't have it when we need it... "Where was Luck when I could've done with some of it!?"...
Apart from entertainment value—mainly excitement from fear in the back rows at the movies...—the Supernatural just raises more doubts:"What could this bit of nonsense do for me?—and do I need more doubts in my life!"...

Is there a better attitude? Is there a better approach to Superhuman Resources—can it be approached at all?...

OWN your Mumble Jumble!
Direct your own brand of Hocus Pocus as a Director would.
Be a Manager of
your own nonsense...

When you think of Your Superhuman Potential with a view of doing something about it, be clear on the following:
Be Objective rather than Psychedelic, or you'll only get bored.
Be a Modern Individual in every respect: (1) use every available facility, (2) respond with every modern attitude, (3) tune-in on where Progress is at. (4) Be historical about it—don't hesitate to be old-fashioned, in order to be Modern Enough. In fact, be ancient enough, or you'll also get bored...

If you must be Psychedelic about it, at least take the time it takes to decorate a Christmas Tree... You wouldn't want Gnomes, Elves & Blue Fairies all dashing into your restaurant for lunch without a booking. Tell yourself you don't want that to happen.

Be ancient enough, because words may be used differently now, but you still had to go through a process, back then. Expressions like
"Tapping into ESP Resources" wouldn't make much sense to JASON or ACHILLES. Back then you were as everyone else—or squarely a Semi-God, if you had anything different to you. Unless you were the Taxman...(The National Treasurer was someone who could make you accept your sins, as long as you paid for it.)

there were no Heroes as such in Antiquity, only Partial Gods.

More to come...
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