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The Future as a Way of Life

Though science-fiction is able to portray futuristic realities with uncanny accuracy, it fails to stress one critical point: The future is a continuation of history!

No single event in human history has ever described the character of life on Earth. Nor can the future be envisaged through any series of predictions, accurate as they be.

We need forecasts and projected figures because in some instances an initiative based on a guess may help circumscribe danger on a large scale.

Iraq had to be scoured, because when we made a deal with the Space Age we universally realised that no single individual or state should be permitted to own facilities for producing nuclear devices or biological poison,
without universal consent.

Today's world
cannot afford the least departure from these Treaties.
Tomorrow's realities had better be assessed, predicted or otherwise understood —and now— or the Iraq Ordeal will have served nothing!

Expect a new generation of terrorists, better informed, led by another wave of chieftains; they, too, more enlightened.

There may be less than 10 Osamas to contend with in years to come, but as many capable of operating at a mastermind level
What if we were mistaken, believing we had seen the worst?
Recent developments in the world of terrorism hardly give an accurate picture of what 8 Osama-like individuals could do to civilian life, should they act upon it all at the one time.
We ought to get some international agreement seriously under way, though sure as we were of winning in the end. Letting it happen would confirm that we had gone too far into social masochism—disguise it however you will!

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