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Future Beautiful

Life excited in continuance...

Existence always resorts to doing what it knows best—continue to be!...

The future is tantalising with hope and surprises—expect a lot of these, and good ones, too. Some good news we could do without, insofar as good news & promises tend to take after the messenger. Indeed, hope itself only ever tastes good when the waiter brings it with a smile—then it matters little whether the restaurant were a shed in the middle of nowhere. This finally explains why messengers mostly get to be mishandled—Early Man learned to smile last of all!

The future always pays for the past.

HOPE doesn't work as some external event—that would make it a miracle! It does look as one, considering what is involved in getting ourselves together.

Hope is created for tomorrow as we sort out any one of our current problems.

At any point in History Man's current problems are those he creates for himself as he chooses his own ways of fighting back at life. Survival wasn't invented because Darwin's mum was obsessed with it for 9 months at a stretch!... The idea of it first visited upon us when we were Primates—and realised that Nature was a killer!

The First Thinking People were a little more than scared by the sound of an earthquake, they kept noticing that the world about them was hostile, one way or other! Call it geophysical or just weather, Nature had bad things in store for them—daily and hourly! To them, survival simply was a proposition of avoiding to be in some place at the wrong time! They also had tribal conflicts and murder became part of ritual, eventually. However, personal problems and racial differences were dismissed when they were struck by another natural calamity.

Political correctness is a collective dismissal of secondary problems, in order to attend more critical ones.

A million years later,
social and natural disasters still run along similar lines—because nature and society are what they are—but one thing has changed:
We can do what nature does, even better!

Political correctness is an institution as old as Man, founded out of some intuitional concern by primitive species for their own general survival. That institution may be said to pre-date religion. Better still, it gave religion a chance to appear at all! Politicians and priests are both Ministers, in fact!...

Social and natural disasters are alike in that the damage can be repaired—often prevented—by man's own wise agency. [As to whether prevention of natural catastrophes lies in the realm of human capacities, the question has been tackled in another chapter.]

One thing is certain:
International adherence to correctness is the only resort when it comes to facing the consequences of another geophysical cataclysm. But adherence must be sustained, as opposed to dictated by feelings of moral obligation. Membership to a good cause does not prosper on the basis of a moral affiliation. If it could, the reverse would hold good for anyone intent on ill purposes. As it stands, the devil would have stopped existing a long time ago, if immorality were the best he could do!

Collective effort to give new life to what political correctness can do for us all is capable of giving life back to a lot of people who have lost everything!

Use the above in conjunction with a little foresight, that our prayers may reach into the future—is there any other way of experiencing hope at present?

Another thing is certain:
One can hardly hope to cancel the devastating effect of social disasters by coating them with layers of political correctness, when the latter unwittingly mistakes itself for a benevolent patriarch, or Santa Claus, by magnanimously condoning inanity—which is by far the greater disaster!

Inanity came out of Pandora's Box!

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