Gender Wars in Context

Origins of Gender Wars

Prehistoric People had to mate, or we wouldn't be here, and if they had relationships they must have had the equivalent family-problems...

The War of the Sexes has many names, Marital Conflicts, Relationship Problems, Gender Wars, etc, depending on who is fighting and whether the battle is taking place over the kitchen table, in a court of law or in the street, with loudspeakers, etc.

The expression "opposites attract each other" hardly explains why Men & Women were at war before they walked upright, or had words to argue with. But the fact that they are NATURAL RIVALS makes it clear!

RELATING is difficult business.

Any society—regardless of material progress or social evolution—must run into similar problems, for one reason above all else: the necessity to comply with RELATIONSHIPS.

Existing involves a permanent relationship with everything. This is the only inescapable obligation we have from birth to death. But RELATING is more difficult than anything else, and we struggle in survival for this reason more than all others combined!—to a point where many traditions see death as bliss, "because no one can nag at you, anymore!" ... More importantly, life ceases to be when the network of relationships cannot function anymore! On this account, just how a FOETUS manages to sustain life while being cut from it for 9 months remains a scientific mystery. The mother makes this miracle possible, of course, but leaving it at that isn't much of a contribution in real life—especially when we know that life begins in a womb... Freud was fascinated by mothers more than by women—probably because they are the ones that carry a promise of paradise inside them and the others often forget that they do!... [LAMPATA]. He also got hooked on Mums for a clinical reason: a pregnant woman makes it possible for the baby in her womb to interact with life in total while remaining unaffected by any part of it. [FREUDIANA]

"Opposites attract each other"

pre-man Males & Females are different as two races of people, one with biological features from another planet, the other with the mentality from somewhere else—and with all this, you can never tell who belongs here!... For all you know, if you're a bloke, if Adam was here first—you're stuck with a Mate from Outerspace!... And if you're a girl at times you'll be telling yourself that Men, surely, are the strangers, though Eve only came on a second call!... pre-woman

We get along by virtue of our differences, rather than merely being attracted by opposite looks...

GENDER ATTRACTION is a subject all its own. For starters, it works better if you're a Man looking at a Woman, and not at all the other way around...

A Woman's feeling of attraction begins when she goes into the wardrobe, or whenever she sees her own reflection. As Women see it, Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder—it works, if it's not hidden!...

If you're a fellow, all attraction stops with a shave first thing in the morning—compared to what you see in the mirror, you'll be thinking of a relationship for the rest of the day!
In other words, you'll want one of them all to yourself, whatever it takes—give up warfare, even!...
Which is why God gave Eve pleasing features—He realised that Adam had taken to quarreling with the Devil, for lack of something attractive to look at!...
GIRLS have beauty—because the two fellows without charm would have destroyed Eden in no time...

Note in passing that Satan is capable of charming anyone on sight—especially by providing a sense of appeal Men often dismiss as secondary, which makes them insipid, and eventually fanatisable, and Women either fail or refuse to acknowledge in themselves, which makes them absent-minded and eventually vain.

man & woman Man & Woman are (1) NATURAL COMPLEMENTS, owing to opposite attraction, and (2) NATURAL RIVALS in that they repel one another with as much force as went into the attraction!
This repelling is not caused by chemistry, it is a calculated choice. DIVORCE is not an instinct —we get into it, and as mean as lynching!...

Gender-Rivalry is serious business beyond a split, it is the basis of every social malfunction.Whether we are natural rivals or naturally stupid, we spend the best of our time trying to justify why we should disband, rather than for ways to enhance harmony. The best part of it is, we call it harmony when we have nothing to complain about! As if happiness were an absence of insecurity... This recipe for bliss barely keeps our world spinning in an illusion of going fast.

Positive goals based on a negative reaction of fear keep producing a positive imitation of something negative, basically—and it's a miracle when things don't turn to disaster!
Whoever still goes about teaching this GOAL-SETTING formula probably believes that
we're looking good because things could be worse!...

We are Intimate Laggards, that's what it is, and we are covering it up with a hectic pace of life!
We tell ourselves that our targets are moving too fast for us, whence the inordinate increase of speed. The problem is that past a point, acceleration will keep producing diminished returns.

This negative approach to a positive goal pretty well describes where the War of the Sexes is at: we comply, walk on our hands to please the other party, we are really trying to get some understanding between us—but we do all this to AVOID fighting!... We haven't realised, HAPPINESS is to be sought for itself, not as a convenience or protection against the lack of it.

To be continued...

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