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Venus Mars Gender Traits


Venus and Mars in conflict over words and meanings...

These two planets work out as opposites where it matters most to us: attraction-rejection, love and hate, war and peace, beauty and the brute, raw strength-refinement... These are the dualities that made history famous and gave it a human face; these classic rivalries also gave Hollywood a Golden Age, if you want to look at it that way. They still make it big at the movies, only now we pack so much drama into a day, by the time you sit down for a show it doesn't matter what it is as long as it ain't an immortal story!...

And then we have the most famous pair of all times: Man and Woman!

The symbols venus for Venus and mars for Mars still identify the genders, as clear as Sun and Moon stand for day and night. This bit of trivial hocus-pocus doesn't bother anyone and you find the two signs in trendy places or stuck at the rear of fashion wear; also at the airport, for instance, to designate where to go when you need it. In some cases, only venus mars show and not the words MALE and FEMALE. These glyphs also turn up in some prescriptions you get at the chemist, as if to confirm who it is for, or to keep the other gender away from getting to it...

Just about every problem we have is a case of Venus and Mars being at variance, one way or another!... Mind you, we get into a conflict, mostly over the meanings of things. Basically, we fight over who has more drive, who knows anything about harmony or combat, who understands love better, who has what it takes to get the job done... Why should Mars be a He... What if God were a She... What is it about Mars that makes the Venus People secondary... And who has too much of the "Venus Touch" always at the wrong time, somehow, or never when it matters...

It comes down to arguing over what astrologers refer to as "Venus and Mars Traits and Functions," and we have been doing that way since Pagan Days. Better still, it's taboo to fight over anything else, actually!

We get married or divorce over these issues, which also cause friendships to disintegrate and empires to collapse after a time. Social reforms will pale into insignificance, for the same reasons that explain how once vibrant corporate ideals became some static force without any reflux. We have so many private or political problems, because we get carried away selling an idea or debunking another creed all day long, and forget one central fact:
We do not know all there is to know about being a man and what it takes to be a woman.
We keep "losin' it" because we can't get it in our heads that being a person is never a finished job.

Being a real person—any gender—is an ultimate accomplishment that can never be hoped to be completed.

This is not only a straight fact of life, it is also beneficial in every vital regard. Yet you won't hear of it that way if you live to 90, unless you go looking for it—and then, keep the realisation to yourself, unless you're prepared to get into hot trouble around the family table. You could lose a friend or your job over it.

Apparently, it's an insult to say: "Identity is always in a state of crisis, because we may only BE a small part of ourselves, never the whole." Anyone who hears this formula will fall from the chair and then abuse you, on grounds of double-talk. If you want to get approval and not make trouble, you must say: "Identity-Crisis is the fact that we never KNOW who we are when it matters." Or something like that. Which is even too good for most things we read on the issue.
The human ego is prepared to say: "Look, I'm imperfect—but I'm only a person!"... Or "I know I'm not perfect, but I'm a person, at least!"... You find the same reaction in any trade: "The most important thing is to preserve the integrity of who we are or stand for. We fight for this with our lives!"

On these grounds, you could be regarded as a traitor, if you were to say: "But, we're hardly half-baked!—how can we know what we stand for, proper?"

Whoever we are, whatever we do, we must take sides and if you don't, you aren't a person. It's the basis of Sci-Fi Movies: "You can tell we're the real people, because we stick together when we're in real trouble!"...

We have got it all figured out. All it takes to be a Feminist, a Terrorist, a Marxist, a Red Back, a Hippy or a Spiritualist, is to be "part of" it. We are emotional people, as long as we participate, the universe will keep providing.

Pigs might fly. No one's getting close to futuristic realities with a chauvinistic concept of grace. We can do a little better than all that, because we have the knowledge, now. Trouble is, you can't rely on women where they alone can deliver, and you can seldom rely on the fellows to acknowledge that they have a sense of grace in them—and that this makes them achieve things! Women know how to be Venus, as easy as asking any fellow in the street how it feels to be Gengis Khan...

No one is Venus or Mars in a way that you could sleep over it and find it waiting for you on a coat-hanger.

We have to work at harmony by using what's between the ears with some impartiality to spare everyday, and that's about all it takes, too.

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