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The 1998-2012 Neptune in Aquarius Forecast

A Neptune Year* is worth 60,000 of our days... What this means in terms of World Predictions is that Neptune Lineup Series are only available every 164 years apart, and there is no earlier date for a sociological comparison.

neptune Mystical Neptune* came back to Aquarius in 1998, for the first time since 1847. This astrological forecast is based on the 1998-2012 period during which much world actuality is dominated by fixed lineup series, that is, lineups involving the 4 fixed starsigns, Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius. When planets hit these 4 points simultaneously, we have a fixed cross*, a troublesome pattern second to none.

Fixed lineups are so difficult to handle because they stir up interminable debates on all-time hot issues, such as morality, values and priorities, first principles, moral codes, ethical regulations, foundational notions and fundamental considerations, etc, all of which are unhandlable issues that have never cooled off since the first Prehistoric quarrels. We only ever fight over one of these points.

All to say, the social temperature is bound to rise in every part of town. The Neptune damburst-effect is sure to raise ideological argumentation to alarming heights and can be expected to excite revolutionary temperaments to drastic act.

Neptune in a Fixed Cross makes it imperative to define the undefinable. These diabolical lineups bring ageless questions to the fore, and will have you worry over ethical regulations in your sleep. You'll be reading about fundamentalism to your heart's content, even when you aren't in a mood to be lectured by someone who explains everything, but forgets to mention that fundamentalism is a quest for first principles and can't very well be a religion of fanatics, given that the most illustrious scientists today are just beginning to identify what might be life's building-blocks, and they are not sure that they have reached the bottom of the well.

There is no overall reconciliation in terms of how we define anything at all, least of all morality and who might be more fundamental about it.

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*YEAR: the time it takes a planet to go once around the solar system. That trip grows considerably longer for the far-away planets, as they must describe a much wider circuit. We are 150 million Kms from the Sun. Neptune is 3 billion miles further.

*NEPTUNE: the Roman name for Poseidon, god of the sea in the earlier Greek mythology. First spotted in 1846 Neptune has since been associated with many by-products of Modern Times, including photography, cinema, the oil industry and its derivatives. Other Neptune keywords include gases, anesthetics, narcotics, poison clouds, numbness, vagueness, HAZE, illusion, disillusion, self-deception, self-undoing, forgiveness, love, devotion and surrender, spiritual revival, permissive, dissolute, charity and compassion, bounty, all-embracing, all-pervasive, ecstasy, undefinable, and also hyper-logic. INTRIGUE

*CROSS: also called grand square, reputedly the most difficult to handle in terms of human affairs.


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