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The 2008 Saturn-Virgo Forecast

Summary of Highlights, 21 July 2008

Saturn Virgo

Saturn raises apprehensions wherever it goes, not least as it lingers on the one spot for weeks and months, so you get used to scaring yourself off in one kind of way, even if you'd rather be apprehensive about something else. Luckily, the Dreaded Planet only comes through Your Starsign 29 years and a bit later. Western Astrologers call this a Saturn Return—rounding it off to 30 to keep it simple and forget about it as soon as possible.

Only, this is the most paradoxical character you'll ever come across—worse when it comes thru Virgo, too. Saturn is self-contradicting in every respect, nothing about it ever is so simple as to let you walk away feeling elated, even when you get the point. As to Virgo, if you were looking for a symbol of contradiction, you've just found it.

Saturn planet Saturn may be a bore but you can try to dismiss it. It is the next largest spherical object in our local universe after Jupiter and both are all-important in World Predictions—second only to Sun and Moon in that regard.

Saturn is in Virgo continuously from 2 September 2007 to 29 October 2009, and again for a short period from April to June 2010. This only happens every 30 years. During these two periods we expect events as a combination of both.

is the fundamental planet, referring to anything primordial, basic essentials, building blocks, primary considerations, frameworks, scaffolding, bone-frame, sedimentation; it is cold, icy, frugal, cohesive, consolidating, disciplinarian, stiff and stern. Virgo is the busiest Starsign, having a connection in almost every practical department, anything to do with work, service, duty, hygiene, etc. The premier Medical Starsign is meticulous, analytical, critical, methodical, laborious, industrious, efficient and utilitarian. It also represents profit.

You could predict events just by combining these two sets of keywords—say, cold and work, in which case you can anticipate sobering events affecting Workers and leading to unrest or a series of strikes. But that won't tell you what you need to know to make it a practical information.

Many other factors enter into an astrological forecast. For instance, Saturn may be with Mercury today and with the Moon tomorrow. Lineup permutations are endless, just in a month. It pays to have a method in view of so many variables. To that effect we note that any lineup involving Saturn must come through Virgo until 2010, except for a short break. Another central factor is that we are dealing with a long-term agenda, so we could have many disputes in that time, as opposed to a weekend strike.

As explained in the extended version of this text, Saturn and Virgo focus on similar issues, which is auspicious for prospects of cooperation in this period. Trouble is, they seem to focus on anything that matters between the two of them—Industrial Relations, Climate Change, Conservation of Resources, Natural Heritage, Education, Analysis, Civil Servants, to name a few.

There is no way of putting such an agenda into a quick summary. However it does help to know that Saturn always indicates contraction and shortage, rather than abundance—unless otherwise specified. Hence some of the above Departments will come under fire at this time, due to shortage of funds rather than to corruption as such. You can expect a number of key people in the Education System (Virgo) to be compromised in a scandal, but not that anyone might be especially greedy, but rather because they may have proved a little too tight (Saturn is avaricious).
This is to give Readers some idea what goes into the making of an astrological forecast. Take it at a pace because it'll come all at once, after a point, as there is no way of stopping the flow of creativity.

You can't tell whether Saturn might cause a shortage of vital supplies through a drought or by flooding half the state, but you can expect sour debate over both calamities, along with the all-important issue of World Famine (Virgo being No.1 for Nutrition while Saturn stands for the under-nourished).
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These debates are interminable, of course, and we have heard all about it from every angle. At best you might be shocked into realising that more people starve each year and there are no signs of decrease—despite considerable worldwide assistance. But what do we learn? The latest facts and figures merely confirm what we all know, that we are powerless against Nature, on one hand. If you are not directly victimised by extreme weather conditions your heart will go to those who have been hit in the latest disaster, you'll be wanting to help as you can—and then feel bad, anyway, because what you can do to help is limited in some cases. You'll be feeling lousy about that.

Then you'll be growing angry and start looking for culprits—because it comes down to that, we live in a greedy world and some people will stop at nothing to promote their own interests, they'll even steal from the destitute.

It's always the same story. However these 30-year repeating lineups are unlikely to run into the same conclusions and leave it at that, as they specialise in the meaning behind a word and will try to make you aware of a difference between greed and miscalculation, in this instance.
These lineups will try to make you realise that the fellow who seemingly gets away with murder is in fact facing consequences far greater than his crime, because greed is short-sighted.

Anyone found misdirecting Humanitarian Relief funds under these lineups is more than likely to meet unusually severe punishment.

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