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The Reagan Eclipses

First draft 2 July 2008

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When you write you can't predict the next idea, how to build on a theme, so the last thing you want to do is beat around the bush. Yet it often takes a digression to put you back on track. Likewise, Technical Details may spoil a text, yet there often is no other way of arriving at a Title.

Astrology is a Technical Subject so we can't avoid sideline details; however, these are apt to reveal a connection between unrelated topics. For instance there is no obvious relation between SuperTuesday 2008 and Reagan's Inauguration in January 1981 until you realise that both events took place right under an Eclipse.

Eclipses strictly come in a series and either belong in the same litter or not at all. Twins Eclipses are Technically Identical and may reasonably be expected to produce similar events, often centuries apart. Unrelated ones can also do that, for some other technical reason.

Writing a score on the late President was the last thing on the writer's mind until the 2008 US Primaries began in earnest and he noted that the man's name kept coming up as though he were running the race. Everyone was at it, Reagan this, Reagan that...

Eclipses are all-important in that they overhaul or re-program systems, so it is natural to check these for the year ahead. There are four Eclipses in 2008, two of them we had in February and two more to go through in August. The Chinese New Year is always celebrated on the first New Moon immediately following the December Solstice. A Solar Eclipse is just a New Moon, only with more precise coordinates and much more potent. This was the case on February 7, that is, less than 24 hours after Reagan's Birthday, on February 6. This clue was to prove crucial in the making of this story, not least as SuperTuesday had started but hours earlier. We call it The 2008 SuperTuesday Eclipse because it is a central event and also to give special astrological significance to surrounding circumstances. Indeed the much esteemed president would have turned 97 right on that Eclipse, and since he had been so frequently mentioned it was natural to check his Stars, only to find that an Eclipse had presided over his 70th Birthday as well.

If your birthday occurs within 2 days from an Eclipse then that will make it an Eclipse Birthday. The Former President had 2 of these, only one while alive, two weeks after he took office. Eclipse Impact is no lesser for being posthumous, however, and the former Actor was indeed doing well for himself by February 6, just as he had been the Star of the Show thru January. Of the 5 Aquarius-born US Presidents, Ronald Reagan alone had a SuperTuesday Eclipse Birthday in 2008.

Reagan's Inauguration took place right under the nose of an Eclipse, on 20 January 1981. There wouldn't be too many instances of an Eclipse Inauguration. At least this one stands unique in American History. It is poignant to remind the most Emotional People on Earth that the Iran Hostages were released on that day—while Reagan was being sworn in, actually.

The History of America is a continuous saga on a theme of Liberation, there is nothing exceptional about a group of people gaining freedom in a country where the gaining of it has made History possible. What makes it particular is that Americans are so emotional about Freedom any which way it happens.

Astrologically-speaking, the Release of the Iran Captives wouldn't be so significant an event were it not that it coincided with an Eclipse, to the hour.
In a case of Dramatic Lineup Coincidence such as this, it is always appropriate to highlight what may be of value to the whole. In view of the above it seems appropriate for us all to appreciate that while our American Brothers and Sisters often prove emotionally excitable about freedom, they have been emotional enough to contribute fresh meaning to the idea of getting free, and they still are excited enough about liberation to make it happen anywhere at all, often in places where people can't get excited enough about anything anymore.

The Original Version of this text runs into 30 pages, due to the many technical details which gave birth to this story, actually, so we are working on a Shorter Version, but it is difficult not to spoil the sequence of ideas by dismissing these details.

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