Star Sign Memo Guidelines

Cardinal Star Signs: Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn

Futureprimer specialises in putting together vital
daily reminders for users at all walks. We call them MIGs —Integrated Memo Guidelines.
Here is a sample, applicable to
CARDINAL signs—both genders:

You value a quality of initiative and a power of resolve.
For better results, appreciate that deciding upon a course is harder than the act itself.
You stay sharp as you trust your ability to judge a situation.
You lose your edge by downplaying your faith in a discernment of what is vital from what may be postponed.

aries cross libra

Five Stars

MIGs are unique in that they may be useful at all levels of activity and for a lifetime.
Although this sample is issued on January 6, it can last you forever—whence the term
integrated. If you want more of that, wherever it comes from, just say so:
I want more!...

gold bullett Club version sample

gold line

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