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9 January 2007

Your star sign has a special affinity with one planet in particular. This is your ruling planet—ruler, for short. It has other names: Solar dispositor, birth sign planet, life planet or life ruler, because meanings are interchangeable, and set for a lifetime.
Table 1

Planetary Rulerships

Your Star Sign Your Ruling Planet
Leo Sun
Cancer Moon
Gemini & Virgo Mercury
Taurus & Libra Venus
Aries & Scorpio Mars
Sagittarius & Pisces Jupiter
Capricorn & Aquarius Saturn
Your ruler often discloses details not otherwise shown by your star sign picture.
Example: the Sun is central and so is the lion of Leo a central animal. However, the Sun represents a climax of self-perfecting evolution, and you can't say that of the animal.

Astrology, mother of all calendars... We live by bread, symbols—and calendars. We have so many of these, because reality is a personal interpretation.
But all calendar-making depends on the distance we keep from the Sun at various times of year, which causes the seasons, and the Earth tilt at various times of day, which determines the difference between
day and night.

Day, night and seasons are the most fundamental basis of reality.

Moon, planets and stars have no part in this scheme whatsoever—they could be anywhere left or right and Spring happens, just the same. Whereas Spring never comes until the Sun crosses our equator at an equinox.
But the Moon is responsible for a special refinement of the calendar, the division of a month into 4 weeks—based on the 4 lunar quarters, each worth 7 days.

the 5 traditional planets [Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn] have no physical influence over seasons, sunrise or nightfall, yet they are very intimate partners with us each day of our lives.

Together with Sun and Moon these 5 planets make up the famous ancient
Septenary (sept means seven) from which we get a name for our weekdays: Sun-day, Moon-day, Saturn-day... These are obvious in English. The other names are explained after the table.

The Spanish say Martes for Mars and the same word for
Tuesday—Martedi in Italian.

Also in Spanish, Mercoles means Mercury and
Wednesday—Mercoledi in Italian, Mercredi in French.

Thursday takes after Thor, principal among the other gods in Norse mythology, equivalent to Greek Zeus. The Romans made this into Jupiter. Initially, this was Diespeter —from Diovis Pater, father of heaven. Then it became Iove, whence jovian. Italian Thursday is Giovedi and Jupiter is Giove. Spanish Jueves means both.

Venus has
Friday, from Freya, Thor's wife.
Spanish Viernes means Venus and Friday—Venerdi in Italian.
Table 2

Perpetual agenda of planetary rulers

Weekday Planetary affinity

This system of planetary rulerships begat the sevenfold schedule we call WEEK.
A week is perpetually the same and unchangeable in the way that the name of one day follows another.

But you must appreciate that in ancient times,
every aspect of life had a correspondence with one of the 7 planets (Sun & Moon being called that, for convenience).

Not so long ago most people knew that
gold was the noble metal related to the Sun, silver to the Moon, lead to Saturn, iron to Mars, copper to Venus, tin to Jupiter and mercury to Mercury.

septenary schedule was universally adopted and gave rise to countless calendars and almanacs, each with a practical contribution for everyday self-guidance. What remains of these agendas mostly proves incongruous in a modern world, where a need for rational explanation must dictate every act, now—probably so we may sue one another with precision, when we are not at war, for goodness sake.

Trouble is, relying on readymade certainties to an excess will squeeze every bit of living experience into a congruous system—which simply decreases the enthusiastic value of novelty. In fact, modern individuality requires more creativity, to facilitate optional self-adaptation in an environment of quickly changing realities. Because there is no way we are going to have less changes in coming years.

The Old Septenary often proves of practical interest still today—but not if you are going to use it as an infallible system for the Quinella, but because it remains valid as a scheme of general correspondences between life and symbols. Anything that can approximate a comprehensive synthesis of inter-relations is unlikely to have been devised by Head Hunters on a lunch break.

Forthcoming, Your Ruling Planet tells you how to integrate these meanings into your day.

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