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Mutable Star Signs: Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces

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Sample issue: 29 December 2006

The Mutable Cross Group

There are 3 zodiacal crosses, each made up by 4 star signs of same kind. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces belong to the mutable cross.
Same group members share certain traits.

Mutable star signs are adaptive, versatile, interactive, humanistic, pluralistic, multivalent, multifaceted, dualistic, revertible, interchangeable, diversified, shifty, scatty, and the most unstable thing there is in the sky. But when it comes to being resourceful, they have no equal.

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Typical sayings include: Jack of all trades... Too many irons in the fire... Riding off in all directions...

The crosses are especially concerned with a way of functioning, so these keynotes indicate a gearing, rather than a passing preference.

Mutable functions consist in synchronising, coordinating, mediating, reconciling, etc.
You may act in these capacities in sports, business, romance, politics or whatever you get into, so you may be a fashion coordinator, a go-between at a peace conference, if only for trying, or the one who always ends up reconciling friends, somehow.

Of course, you may wish to act in a certain capacity but lack training, at this time. Even so, just knowing that you have a particular potential waiting for you can work magic.

Example of MIGs (Integrated Memo Guidelines)

As a mutable star sign—both genders:
You rely on your ability to get out out trouble, as the saying goes.
For better results trust your ability to adjust to circumstances.

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