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In this text, the words Sign, Starsign, Birth Sign, Zodiacal Sign or Sunsign all mean the same thing.

Your Starsign is a map with indications for you. These guidelines remain valid, throughout. Each sign also has a set of qualities. To compare any two Starsigns is akin to comparing a trip to Singapore and a weekend at home: you enjoy each for what it is.

Your birth sign is a beacon for you, a road map—most invaluable, therefore, even if the qualities of the other Signs impress you more, or if you think you have less going for yourself. If you get a better grasp on your inner assets, life begins for you each new day. If you only try to understand your gifts, what you have got going for yourself, the trying itself will do it for you, the trying will surely do the rest.

Your birth sign—whichever of the 12 it be—yields a lot more virtues, skills & prospects than anyone may use in a lifetime!

This is a privilege—apart from being a bonus.
A road-map can mean a lot, just for being available.

• Now, to understand your keys.

The Polarity of your sign
• Out of the 12 signs, 6 are Positive and 6 Negative.

In astrology, the positive refers to an arrow in relation to a target, being the negative factor. None of this has anything to do with good or bad. Cosmic symbolism stays clear of excessive moralising, unless it is practiced in the backyard.

• The arrow would go on endlessly without that target.
The Big Bang was an arrow. Obviously, this object symbolises projection—and almost better than anything else, guns & missiles, included!
• If the Negative were a negative bad thing, God's Creation would have hit a blank in space.
One wonders how many of our missiles might boomerang back on us, for lack of a negative factor somewhere out there, trying to absorb our follies...

6 Positive Signs
These are listed below, each preceded by an odd digit, as per normal zodiacal sequence, as usual Aries 1, Taurus 2. Gemini 3. etc....

1 Aries [1st sign]
3 Gemini [3rd sign]
5 Leo
7 Libra
9 Sagittarius
11 Aquarius

If your Sunsign is one of these:

Being self-assertive & being aggressive
are only similar propositions, in most events.

As a Positive Sunsign you tend to do both a lot, you enjoy the directness, you prefer it when people are frankly sincere, if they must say a criticism, rather than politely putting pressure on the environment by not speaking up. Basically, you need to feel an openness about you —more so than being out into the open, actually!
Very often, if you read your astrological profile in various reviews,
these distinctions fail to be made, or stressed and it is quite essential to stress the point, because it is all too easy to mistake what we think it's better to do, and what amounts to a very general description of what one is.

If you are an odd numbered sign, you will be usually portrayed as an aggressive person, outgoing, physical rather than intellectual, impatient, swift—if you are lucky enough to read a sophisticated word as swift, about yourself... These fast-paced profiles may not be all wrong, but the fact remains: you have to live with it, you go through your circumstances from dawn to dusk, you meet people, you travel about, you look after children, a household, make decisions, select your options—and at the end of the day, one only ever acts according as one thinks one is!
• Lately, an office-worker sued her employers because they had failed to tell another lady to stop wearing a particular perfume, to which the litigant was allergic.
This is one of countless examples of the kind. The allergic lady was gracious enough to wait for a time, then pressed charges.
Why press charges for such a matter?
Reverse the question: Why shouldn't I press charges, if I'm in my right??
This last question defines a global tendency to be
self-assertive. It can become utterly ridiculous, if one acts it for the sake of it.

There are 1001 variations on this word as with any other. However, this is one of the Positive Keywords—a top priority in your Sunsign agenda.

For better results for you, overall, think again about a whole series of related words, such as, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc. All these are central to you, as a positive Starsign.
• Many example-situations show at the movies.
Perhaps most movies are based on using aggression at the wrong time, then regretting it, and then becoming a smoother person and finding love, then. But one never sees it enough!
• Someone is a survivor on an island.
It takes weeks for that person—and most survivors—to acknowledge that being forceful is out of place.
See 15 episodes or 6 months of it—it all has to do with the rage, how to deal with the anger, when to come to terms with it, when to begin addressing it, more likely.

As a positive Sunsign, you gain by not assuming that being self-assertive and aggressive are the same, and by not believing too quickly that being either or both is a guarantee of being positive-minded.

6 Negative Signs
Even numbers in the order of Signs:

2 Taurus [2nd sign]
4 Cancer
6 Virgo
8 Scorpio
10 Capricorn
12 Pisces last sign)

If You were born into one of these:
• Develop your potential as a facilitator.
This is essential to you for a happy success.

However, the most difficult aspect of being a facilitator is to find a channel that is just right for you to operate through. On the contrary, being a negotiator is a lot more difficult—the job itself is, in general, but there are not so many options to choose from at the outset.

• Facilitating means making things easy for people. No one says that; it isn't done, somehow...
Making an operation go smoother, enabling action, intervening to keep order, maintaining situation in a state of safety, etc—the options are infinite!

If you are an even-numbered Starsign, you must be looking for an option to begin doing this professionally; or you may already have such a job, but wish to operate from a different channel, still in the same functions as a facilitator; or you may have difficulties at home or at the office, and would like very much to improve this skill.

• Some of these guidelines may prove handy.
First, being a negative Sunsign means that you feel a deep desire to help. At this time you may have your own needs—but even so, you are alert to someone being more in need than yourself! You can't be selfish even when you are upset. You enjoy what you can get for yourself, but soon you must share it. You like yourself most when able to transcend any aspect of selfish or petty behaviour.

The need to help make things better for people is deep in you, but often enough you feel it on your skin...

For better results, to get started as a helper, or to improve in this line of work, you could think again about what it means to be nice, kind, compassionate, charitable; think again, in case all these are but one word. And if they have also become casual, then this is where you should start from!
As an example, it is essential to
see a fine line between doing something nice for someone, yet remaining firm, impartial, impersonal.

Another vital point: you may be a good facilitator at work and have a hard time at home, or within yourself. If this is the case, all the more reasons why you should review the above words.
• Taking a look at what goes on everywhere, obviously a lot of people are capable of kindness; yet, there are so many cases of blatant unfairness.
A family is in grief over the loss of a boy, barely 14. Yet, those who have caused this tragedy are given a second chance, because they, too, are young.

Compassion, helping, being kind, these are very difficult actions—the decisions often are excruciating.

The advice, therefore, is to keep helping out as good as one can, but also be prepared in case one of these very difficult decisions comes one's way.

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