The Secrets of Your Starsign

The 6 Negative Starsigns

Sample analysis only
These show in the right margin, along with comparative keywords for Positive and Negative characteristics.
Note that the 6 NEGATIVE STARSIGNS are all the EVEN numbers between 1 and 12.

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First of all, if you haven't studied astrology nor read a book on psychology, be aware that character-assessments often are presented in such a fast-paced style, you could be excused for thinking that the writer was racing against time.

From basic psychology we learn that we act according as we see ourselves. Hence, if you are a beginner or at the beginning of your life, don't let anyone tell you who you are, if it comes in a hare-brained style of writing as well—or don't leave it at that, whatever you do. For instance, fast-paced astrological reviews describe NEGATIVE STARSIGNS as reserved, modest, yielding, passive, withdrawn, smooth, soothing, repressive, etc. While these terms generally apply to you, a proper reading should at least put them in context, as follows:

As a NEGATIVE STARSIGN you are self-assertive in a smooth kind of way, relying on tactfulness and refinement at first option, and on aggressive tactics last of all.

The above may or may not be true of you, but this kind of wording enables you to form your own opinion as to what's being said—which is the least a personality-profile should offer.
Also, just saying that
negative starsigns are yielding, withdrawn or repressive is to suggest that positive starsigns were born to commandeer, can never be subdued, are always active and cheerful about it, etc—which makes it a rather rich suggestion!...

Non-hectic astrology will try to explain that as a
negative starsign you are partial to living & working in or outdoors, and could be in your element in a raging crowd or sitting all by yourself and meditating—provided there were a basic interest or a stimulating train of thought.
You do have a retiring streak in your nature, and do seem to prefer peace and quiet to deafening noise, yet will often settle for pandemonium—and put up with complications or disillusion, even—if you feel that you could gain a sense of DISCOVERY from it all! For
inner vacuity, rather than turmoil, is your psychological enemy, and sustaining dreariness or a feeling of emptiness may prove detrimental to your health—which explains why at times you get involved in confusing situations beyond what is handleable.

Other "keywords" relating to your starsign should be treated in a similar fashion—and shall be, in this text.

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• The following analysis applies to the 6 NEGATIVE STARSIGNS, not to any one of them only—since they share the same POLARITY.

As a NEGATIVE STARSIGN you suffer from being unconvincing, rather than from lack of self-assertion. And you were not born with a low self-esteem, but it can get low on you thanks to self-doubt, which you do to a fine art.

EVERY STARSIGN is to be understood as a combination of all human traits. The difference is in that if positive signs are more likely to be obsessed with DYNAMICS, for instance, whereas as a negative sign you enjoy being very active, when you're in a mood for it... As to AGGRESSION, you can do that as good as anyone else, however you won't make it a hobby, owing to a smoother character-texture. It's important to realise that you are SMOOTH in a way that wants to round off the rough edges, rather than as a charm. As to CHARM, you could do that without taking classes. Trouble is, SELF-DOUBT stands in the way of your choicest private qualities. If it can be any use, remember that when we "positivise" too much we are actually telling ourselves that we have a problem that won't go!... Very kindly written advices offered in so many reviews these days seem to be completely oblivious to this basic fact of psychology—probably because it's over a century old.

As a NEGATIVE STARSIGN you have a gift for becoming part of an environment, blending with it, breathing with it at the same rate...

You gain by adapting your skills to any new living & working grounds.

You strain or lose ground when you seek new skills to adapt to a new territory.

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Achievement requires:

(1) a dynamic projection
(2) followed by sustained act
(3) towards a goal.

Failure can be due to:
(1) lack of initial impetus, where the project does not take off
(2) The launch is successful but the goal is vague, in which case the dynamic striving goes on for the sake of it, or as a horse with blinkers
(3) All begins well and the goal is clear, but the act is not followed up or not sustained.

In your case, as a NEGATIVE STARSIGN, you find beginnings difficult and usually require a little push to get started. You are then in your own self-driven mode, and do what you do best. But there can be many beginnings in a day and you may feel at a loss as to how to get started again.
More on this topic to follow...

As already said, in general self-doubt is YOUR WEAKPOINTand the more likely cause of insuccess, due to the unending entanglements that frame of mind comes with.
SUCCESS comes to you as you learn to disentangle yourself, rather than by overriding self-doubt with self-confidence.

Fuller version available soon...

Characteristics of the negative force:

Restrictive, restrains an impulse, gives meaning to an act or a goal by putting a limit to it.
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