Cynics and Lesser Mortals

CYNICS often start out as bright pupils, for they have a natural disposition to reason objectively without a fuss, initially—that is, without wondering whether one ought to be objective or how reasonable that might be.

Comparatively, the simple act of being rational is an ordeal and a cause of unending self-torment to the rest of us, Lesser Mortals.

If there is such a thing as a sarcastic streak in the make-up, that is seldom self-evident in the early years.
Ancient cynic

Cynics only grow fond of sarcasm once they forget that they owe their fine mental skill to a unique blend of placid innocence—a way of being candid without being gullible about it, one might say.

So do we all carry a sour taste in the back of the throat for the rest of our lives for dismissing a dear Lesson of Youth, that the Value of Artlessness is beyond a price.

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