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Meaning of National Flag Symbols

Three Athletes are standing on the Olympic Podium, the fellow you’re interested in being that one in the middle who now leans to receive the Gold Medal, while your Home Flag is slowly being raised to the tune of your National Anthem, before the whole world? No wonder you had your eyes set on him.

This is an overwhelming experience, unforgettable, even if you only see it on TV. It’ll linger on for years and your chest will swell with pride anytime you think back to that day, you can’t help the emotion, same as everyone else in your hometown.

But who knows what’s on that banner?
They say things and symbols you see on a flag tell a story; what do the symbols on your flag mean for You?

Comparing National Anthem and National Flag Is there much difference between these two National items?
gold bullett Club version sample

gold line

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