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Initial Concept of the Web

The ability to acquire and distribute information is vital in every aspect of living, pivotal in that the outcome of anything we do is determined by who knows what and if that information can be delivered when it matters.

Knowing what matters can tip the scales in a dramatic circumstance of emergency, make a difference between life and death, winning or losing a battle. But it also could turn a casual involvement into the most wonderful event in your life.

But although quality knowledge is always available it may not be accessible. What is now the Internet has brought these two imperatives together for you to command with a fingertip, immediately. No one on this planet had this kind of personal control until a few decades ago.

The people who developed the Web were definitely thinking along these general lines of efficiency. The initial idea was to serve a practical purpose of obtaining and relaying the best possible information without delay, which could be achieved most expediently by electronic means. But someone must have had a realisation of deeper significance, perhaps even beyond convenience and efficiency. For this was a project of historical significance, not only the birth of a splendid invention.

The Web Changed Life on Earth...
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