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Perception is an experiment in progress [Axiomatiq]

The Definition of Reality has been a central cause for every bit of conflict on this planet. We fight over our views, basically. Whether it's over a woman or a piece of land, out of greed or in a blind rage—the initial conflict invariably breaks over a disagreement as to what's what, and this affects everything else we do...

We all know that there are so many ways of describing the same thing and there must be as many ways of being realistic, therefore. But we can't take that. Things have to be called one name, each thing must be in its place in an anal arrangement of reality not to be disturbed. Ironically, no one can put it into words who is inconvenienced by what, only the howling in the crowd tells you that someone has been displeased. The only certainty about REALISM is that we have plural values!

VALUES & PRIORITIES walk hand in hand.
If something means a lot to you, you put it in the first place. CULTURES simply are a different sequence of the same items. ETHNIC PRIORITIES come down to drinking coffee before or after a meal. WAR has always been the primary tool for enforcing a sequence of act.
[A la Volterienne]

GENOCIDE is murder and madness—but what drives people to commit such abomination? Well, look at it this way, these acts are driven by someone's idea that there are no two ways of looking at what life is or how it works. The "Ethnic Cleanser" believes that the only truth is survival, and that some people can't survive because they will never understand how to get on without complaining—and don't deserve to be kept alive for that reason. In other words, EXTERMINATION is not hate, it is belief in someone's inability to deserve life. Call it insane or odious, it comes down to a VIEWPOINT.

You can't just call someone an ASSASSIN and hope to cure a problem—you have to know how that fellow has arranged the picture of life in his head...

fight over the meaning of words, chiefly, because we value things according as we define them. WOMEN don't just want "more rights," they want their own kinds of values to be seen as valid.
Genders in Conflict...

The issue of DRUGS
is a universal concern for Parents, Relatives and Governments, however, apart from unspeakable agony for all those concerned, and turbulence on all sides, it is completely centred on PERCEPTION. If we know anything it's that NARCOTIC substances have a dramatic effect on a person's sense of reality.

PERCEPTION is not a finished formula.

REALITY is not misunderstood—it's that
PERCEPTION has remained the stranger in our midst... [ZINGARA]

WITNESSING anything at all is a cognitive experience—a real adventure involving every sense—not a biological flirt with some passing reality.

or in contact with reality as it happens, is an opportunity to experience something first-hand, but we only ever make as much of it as we get out of a Premiere at the movies—no more nor less. What you make of it has little to do with "having been there & done that," what matters is YOUR Power of Grasp.

YOU could be a hero today and 83 times this year, and not know the first thing about it, if your idea of a hero is set and unchangeable. Individual Perception is a fluid adjustment to general circumstances. This flexible assessment determines the Quality of Mental Grasp, which alone makes any kind of Scope possible.

Our NATIONAL HEROES, our Team, could bring a trophy home every second year—but how often does it occur to us that these fellows hit the sack at night and fall off of bed in the morning, as we all do?... CHAMPIONS do fall off the bed, rather than never falling flat to the ground—it's how they react once they go down that makes them extraordinary people. Those we revere probably hit the ground more often than the rest of us, only they don't measure success with height.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE is always an extract, a result of an interpretation, a summary of a situation—rather than a benefit acquired by being there, actually. A fellow who has been out socialising all day long may come home feeling insular as though he had spend the last 13 days out in the Bush by himself... On this account, much ADVERTISING space has been devoted to a "TAKE TIME OUT" campaign to cure social ills, but while this principle remains valid at any rate, what does it take to realise that it can only provide fractional improvement, at best—when the real problem is what we take back home?

Another typical Problem of Perception is what happens after the WEDDING... We walk on our hands to get married, but half a lifetime later still haven't appreciated what went into that moment... [ZINGARA]

REALISM, whether we see it through pink-coloured glasses or when we are on a high, is the Business of Perception—which is the most stupendous thing you'll ever come across.


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