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Short Version - August 16, 2006


If you have read The US Presidential Death Cycle, you are probably wondering how to take it. If the figures are real as they seem to be, then it's clear how the punishing phrase was arrived at. But is the nuisance likely to strike again? Are we dealing with a dormant volcano that wakes up every 20 years, just to add a little more drama with a touch of tragedy into our peaceful lives?...

When we first came across this
Death Cycle Theory, back in the 1970s, we were stupefied, for the usual reasons—the figures add up and there is no trick to it. After inspection we found the zero-ending year logistics limiting and decided it wasn't for us. We shelved Dr Broughton's approach as unusual and interesting, but not significant for research purposes. Before moving on to our Epochal Lineups coverage, we need to square off the issue in plain English.

These are some of our findings and conclusions: The zero-year system works within that particular series of conjunctions—the 200-year
earth mutationand to an extent. It may be applied to other eras and to other areas of interest to the same extent; we have not tested that.

As regards the
seven US Presidents who died in office under similar celestial circumstances, we found discrepancies in the statistical distribution of factors. All depends on how you present the figures: 7 out of 10 conjunctions proved fatal—in a way of looking at it—but as many instances were unaccounted for! Indeed, several other presidents were elected or inaugurated near these same killer lineups, and completed their terms.

We stress near, because this happens to be the most blatant incongruency in the whole affair. You can't just say that a person was born, elected or passed away near a lineup when the lineup was no way near what a lineup should be.

Astrology has to be precise.
Hitler would be an Aries, not a Taurus, had he been delivered 18 hours earlier, and Queen Elizabeth likewise, only Her Majesty missed out on Aries by 5 hours...

Jupiter and Saturn will be in a 90-degree lineup-angle exactly on October 25, 2006 at 5.27pm GMT. However they word it at the NASA, they use the same data, which they get from the most powerful computers on the planet. We, astrologers, have a better life, thanks to these modern facilities.

We use the data for different purposes—to determine what to expect from such a lineup-angle, basically. But
any kind of lineup operates within a specific range, so you first need to know when it takes effect. This is the first question—in all cases: when does it trigger off, wax and wane. And this always depends on the cruising speed of the two bodies involved. If the Moon is one of them, then it will be all over in 48 hours, whereas Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions remain in force 4 months, up to 4 times as many!

In case you don't know, the so-called
US Presidential Death Cycle is based on these conjunctions alone and on nothing else. We keep them in this font throughout our coverage, for that reason.

A conjunction is a 12 o'clock type of lineup—and the most primordial of all types. It is exact when the two arms join up on the noon mark. It triggers off, say, as in 5 minutes to noon, fades at 12.05, and no longer qualifies as a conjunction outside those limits.

To put it in terms of degrees, which is how it ought to be done, a conjunction is no longer a conjunction, if the two bodies are more than 14 degrees apart—and this is in the most extreme borderline cases.

You could relate
Pearl Harbor to the February 1941 conjunction, insofar as the two dates are only 10 months apart, however the two planets stood 24 degrees apart at the time of attack, so the tragedy is definitely not related to that lineup.

You can't just call it a
killer lineup on the basis of some striking coincidences. You could say that Pearl Harbor was yet another American tragedy occurring near the same conjunctions that stopped seven American presidents finishing their jobs. But you can't say that Pearl Harbor occurred anywhere near one of these conjunctions. As to the Presidents, wait until you see the results of our report.

We checked the dates of births, elections, inaugurations, successions, assassination attempts, demises, both while in office and in old age—against the dates of all
conjunctions between 1789 and 1985. But we used what qualifies as a conjunction and did not rely once on what does not. There are no numerical coincidences in the present report.

If Jupiter and Saturn are more than 14 degrees apart, then that is not a conjunction, and any event taking place then is not to be described as relating to a conjunction-lineup. And that's that!

It is tempting to add 9/11 to the list of macabre coincidences, on the basis that the Manhattan atrocity was carried out near the May 2000 conjunction —which has three zeros, apart from opening the new millennium!... However if you don't take the 19-month gap into account, you might as well proclaim that these killer lineups are anti-American—and favour terrorists, who must now sit it out for 20 years...

September 11, 2001, Jupiter and Saturn were almost 27 degrees away from a straight line—which is twice too wide an angle, so the most unbelievable tragedy in modern times is definitely not related to the May 2000 conjunction.

Call it a shark lineup or what you will, it has to be less than 13-degree wide if it is to be a conjunction at all—and if a given event is to be related to it. It may work at 14 degrees, just as Kevin Costner was still a soldier, in Dances with Wolves... But you know you are in a no man's land after the 11-degree mark; it feels that way a couple of steps back, already.

Based on the above, you can't say that
W H Harrison won the presidency near the January 1842 conjunction. The November 1840 election campaign had a 24-degree lineup angle and simply was not under the umbrella of a conjunction.

On the contrary, the March 1841 Inauguration had a 14-degree, extreme borderline conjunction. Fatal illness developed at that time.

The lineup had a 13-degree angle when the 9th US President passed away, one month to the day after taking the Oath!

John Tyler was sworn in, right under the same lineup, obviously, but completed his term just fine.

Death cycle theory adherents may not walk home empty-handed: the former 10th US President passed away at the 1861 conjunction—and near enough, for a change; but no zero-year involved, regrettably. J Tyler was elected to the Confederate House of Representatives on November 7, just 17 days past the October 21, 1861 lineup, which makes it the closest shave in American history, second only to President R Reagan, as we are about to see.

As to what statistics these three presidential instances represent, this we had to check for ourselves.

RESULTS—all US Presidents included between 1789 and 1985:
Events mentioned here relate to, and took place within the limits of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Events of same kind not mentioned here took place outside those limits.

James A Garfield: conjunction-angle 8 degrees at the time of shooting. Injuries proved fatal, 2 months later.
Ronald Reagan: conjunction angle 1 degree—the sharpest of all. Wounds not fatal.

In 196 years, no other attempt at the life of a US President was carried out near a so-called death cycle lineup—even admitting 14-degree extreme borderline angle.

J Tyler and M Van Buren—5 degree angle
W MacKinley—6 degrees
W H Harrison and J A Garfield—13 degrees

In 196 years, no other US President passed away while in office or in old age near a death cycle lineup.

We may have overlooked one or two instances. Even so, this outline of an astrological report should pretty much pacify the heavens from misunderstandings we often project at them.

Next we look at all kinds of Jupiter-Saturn lineups, not only conjunctions, and in the light of world history across the ages.

Text continues soon...

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