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The US Presidential Death Cycle

Short Version - August 10, 2006

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The US Presidential Death-Cycle...
If you have come across this macabre heading but don't know a thing about it, this first table should give you some idea.

Lineup details in this font

1802—earth Thos Jefferson 1800 In 217 years of American political history— from G Washington in 1789 to the First Man in the world today, G W Bush, who has lucky stars—nine Presidential Terms were aborted: eight Presidents died in office, due to fatal illness or to murder in equal parts; Richard Nixon alone offered to resign, and went on with his life.

The eleven Presidents listed here all were (a) elected or won another term on a zero-ending year and (b) near a lineup. There are no other similar cases between 1789 and 2006.

Seven Presidents who died in office are on that list, all elected in a year marked with an asterisk*. Zachary Taylor and R Nixon were not, although they are the only other US Presidents who did not complete their terms.

As to the 11 lineups listed
in this font, they are Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, and the only ones to be found between 1789 and 2006. They occur every 20 years, without fail, and we started with the 1802 conjunction, because Thomas Jefferson was first to win presidency under such a lineup in 1800. We stopped at the 2000 lineup, because G W Bush won presidency that year and has kept it since—a strong performance, given the times we live in. But then again, the most powerful man in the world today also has basically lucky stars, as we said; so has Osama, incidentally.
1821—fire J Monroe 1820
1842—earth W H Harrison 1840*
1861—earth A Lincoln 1860*
1881—earth J A Garfield 1880*
W MacKinley 1900*
W G Harding 1920*
F D Roosevelt 1940*
J F Kennedy 1960*
1980-1—air R Reagan 1980
May 2000—earth G W Bush 2000

The thing about your lucky stars is that they are always there, but you can't tell how it shows, even on a lucky day.

God Bless America and we all love Her, no matter what anyone says. Perhaps we should start blessing one another, in case it helps sort out some of our troubles out there.

We stopped at the
2000 lineup, because the next one is due in 2020 and no sooner.

But there is another reason why these 11 conjunctions stop and start where they do, the
earth mutation series we call it. Here is how it works:
First you have to know that the star signs (Aries, Gemini, etc) are used for scientific calculations, not only for saying nice things to a girl when you go on a date... So for example if there is a New Moon or an Eclipse in Scorpio, you could send the Shuttle up there and the Astronauts will confirm this, definitely:
Houston, right now the Sun and the Moon are in a straight line to Earth—from Scorpio.

We use the star signs for practical purposes, navigation, calendar-making, etc. The only bit of hocus pocus is where it says the word element (as in fire, earth, air & water.) Scientific people can't take that word, somehow...

Anyhow, the
earth mutation is one of 4 series based on these 4 elements. Each series runs for 200 years—and then into another for as long, and so on. But the same mutation only returns 8 centuries later.

Now we are in the earth mutation, started 1802 and ending 2020. During that period, Jupiter and Saturn will keep lining up in the 3 earth star signs—Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo—and nowhere else, except on two counts.
TOTAL 9 earth lineups, between 1802 and 2020
What we are meant to note from all this is that
seven of the eight US Presidents who died in office had been elected or won another term in a zero-year and near one of these earth lineups!...

5 stars

Now, we need to stress a few points:
• What you have read is a short version of a much longer text, soon to be made available
• All facts, figures and numbers on this page are true and verifiable as far we know, however the
zero-ending year coincidence is a peculiarity—it has no basis in astrological practice whatsoever.

The person who first noted this peculiarity was
Dr L D Broughton, the well-esteemed President of the American Society of Astrologers in the 1800s. As he passed away in 1899, he could see that his "formula" applied in the case of Presidents W H Harrison and A Lincoln—which got him started on an investigation, actually—and he was just as surprised as everyone else when this happened again in 1881; but he did not know what was to come after 1899. In fact, there were to be four more instances, all identical. Very few predictions have ever proved so accurate in the whole history of prediction-making. Yet the whole zero-year business is not even an astrological technique.

As to who coined the macabre phrase, The US Presidential Death Cycle, we believe it became a cliché posthumously
What you have read so far is a presentation of what we understand to have been Dr Broughton's initial findings. We have taken care to present every essential component, because we appreciate our predecessor's contribution as research incentive—but not least because a modicum of demystification is the only measure of respect when addressing such sensitive issues
• For this reason, we have created a full report of our own—not based on the same approach at all, but on a research spanning 3 millennia, as we usually do in our Futurology links.

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