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• Make sense of any Celestial Configuration by first finding out how frequent it is.

An 8-planet lineup is rare enough to make the headlines, though compared to a super-astronomical event, it rates as a faint dream.

The AGE of AQUARIUS returns every 26,000 years—a super-rare event, compared to a lineup, yet dismal on a cosmic scale.

So big a place the sky is it has billions of worlds the size of our solar system or times as large, and for one of them the end has come as we speak—it will simply vanish before the end of this paragraph. The END of WORLDS are a dime a dozen, up there. How long is life, you'll be wondering tomorrow night, as yet another disappears at the end of your telescope!... What is the meaning of life, you also wonder—because worlds do come into being at the same rate!

If we don't blow ourselves up or if nothing comes hurtling at us, we get to live as long our star , the Sun—about 5,000 million years yet. After that, our solar world goes to the next stage of evolution in a single explosion, leaving one star and nothing else. Life follows the same pattern everywhere in space: the Sun gives life and takes life. Other Worlds exist by a star, and come to an end "when the star goes."

Could a LINEUP precipitate an event on such scale?
Negative. The most powerful lineup there is would finish this planet, at worst—if it could do anything at all!

Could it do that, though—do the stars have a physical effect?...
A mega-lineup is physically powerful enough to cause havoc & destruction, at least on one planet. Only it doesn't send a beam!... The stars only indicate the possibility of an event. You'd have to know what to look for, of course—there has to be a record. Problem is, (1) we haven't the least idea what happened long ago. (2) Our history doesn't stretch far enough. (3) Ancient libraries were destroyed at every opportunity. (4) Remaining evidence is denied, when suspected of stemming from Pre-historic Times—and promptly put away when this is confirmed!...

Accepting that the Cavemen were already conversant with celestial mechanics means rethinking history—which is worse than re-writing it!... And then who would be left to fight a war? Terrorism itself would stop, overnight—since it, too, is working from the same old premises, which have been copied 1000 times over with Benedictine dedication, but not rethought! The devil alone rethinks! So goes the saying, "Better the one you already know!"...
What does it take to observe that no one knows any devil well enough to so much as take popcorn or ice-cream at the movies!?... It's only good for business, because we buy both...

Madness is a Complex of Original Exhibitionism—we don't enjoy the feeling of destruction, we prefer having thought of it first! Knowing Prehistoric People were at it would give our egos such a blow, there'd be peace on earth within a week. It'd only last a week though, for what business can you do with peace?

Wherever they occur in history SUPER-LINEUPS signal widespread madness. This takes the shape of a global experiment with the Death Wish, invariably. For Men don't dance on a volcano's edge, as is supposed, they get fed up with existence every now & then. The LINEUP comes at this time of crisis, when a society is trying to see how far it can go into generalised Masochism without losing all wits...

is self-inflicted punishment, the killing itself being a reflex act. Call it a compensation for sheer self-torture.

The end of a planet is the ultimate big deal for Occupants—but even that doesn't rate as a situation of cosmic magnitude, it only matters to God. And Neighbours.

There are 101 high-magnitude cosmic events on any day.
(1) These ongoing changes have defined the universe since the Big Bang of Origin, (2) they will keep shaping the reality of each world for as long as it exists, and (3) they will keep defining a material universe until it's time for it to dematerialise completely, to fuse with the initial project.

How frequent are mega-events in space?
A million times a million worlds means that something very important is happening up there, the time it takes to have a smoke—assuming anyone could afford the darn taxable sin...

If each star is a sun, and each sun has 6 to 15 planets—who could be alone in this quantity!? What happens to the Blue Fairies Business once we find out we aren't?... Fact is, we can no more dismiss a trillion worlds than take truth unprepared. Astronomy paves the way to social awareness—but if we want to get going into our future, it's up to us to curb our insularity in space.

And these worlds all link up in some grotesque choreography. You can't call it beautiful, so huge it is! However, it is no lamer than a spider's web. SPIDERS show cosmic attunement better than anyone else!—who else goes about rebuilding a whole world as though the end of the world were no big deal?... Spiders possess accurate understanding of cosmic reality—insofar as the end of the world is now due somewhere, and again tomorrow, and so on.

Environment is a cosmic affair—so is Life a cosmic experience, whether we like it or what being down-to-earth might be about... If ENVIRONMENT consists in all that is around, being unrealistic enough might well be the beginning of practical realism!...

You'd know the Moon were as much a part of our ecology as trees & rivers, if it came to be no more.

Life is ungraspable, only because it is staged in a universal background. Oddly enough, it is completely graspable only through intellectual interpretation—which is what being down to earth is about, of all things!...

Being down to earth
is a capacity to make sense of existence, rather than a demonstration of practical survival. [LAMPATA]

The meaning of life is variable in each world because reality is grounded in its own galactic environment—rather than because we each have a way of looking at things. Modern astronomers—silent partners of emancipation—have grouped 101 billion galaxies into 4 more or less spiral, elliptic, round or irregular configurations. This classification gives an idea of what space ecology is about better than anything else.

(1) Environment—physical or extra-dimensional—is what you see. (2) Ecology is how it works. (3) These two shape life accordingly, say, as different soils produce a kind of wine or mushroom. (4) SPACE ECOLOGY determines biological settings in each world. Mineral, Vegetal & Animal Species vary accordingly. (5) MEANINGS evolve in the matrix of perception, which is always extra-dimensional, so that realism is never a square affair.

The plurality of worlds means that (1) physical variations are infinite.
Blue Moons may be Green elsewhere, lineups or eclipses as frequent as every second weekend...
(2) Variation never was a biological burden on evolution.
Psychological MULTITUDE does not cause confusion.
IDENTITY-CRISIS is not an overload.
HUMAN PERSONALITY defines itself through perception.

Oddly enough,
PERCEPTION struggles in a single-minded focus—but it arrives at self-identity more adequately, when it has more options to choose from!...
It may be easier to decide between Vanilla and Chocolate when this is all you can get for an ice-cream—but that doesn't tell you who you are as good as when you can't make up your mind what to pick out 51 choices in a menu, and you haven't seen what's at the back of it yet!...

MULTICULTURALISM is nationally profitable, rather than a drain on any socio-economic system.

Likewise, Biblical BABEL is meant to be understood as a bonus, rather than as divine punishment...
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A lineup has up to 8 planets close enough together in a strand—exact alignment being technically impossible!

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