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Terror is an ongoing phenomenon. Human affairs, dramas & traumas are reflected in the stars —and one is sure to find "troublesome" line ups every second day! One wonders how it all shows in wartime, what does trouble mean on a battlefield? Violent conflict is an ongoing reality in some place or other. Bombs go off daily in Iraq; this is accepted for what it is—because we have come to that—but a pub-brawl would be alarming in most communities elsewhere!

Mars & Jupiter make a hot pair, capable of inflaming an existing conflict. One who contemplates war under this incendiary configuration may take the offensive, rather than abstain. Yet the same stars work wonders for trade & commerce in most places!

"Orientation" is the ground-rule for differentiating what may transpire here or there—whatever shows up in the sky. This is straightforward: the whole sky projects in some unique fashion onto each town or hamlet —according as geographic longitude & latitude— just as sun & planets rise & set at different times in each place.

An example:
Mars & Pluto were on Parallel to Baghdad's Meridian [north-south axis] at 8.30am on 9 Oct-2003, when a suicide-bomber drove into a police station. This meridian-parallel would not hold good at Kabul, Ankara, Detroit or Stockholm at that time —the reason being purely geographic. This is what "orienting a starmap" is about, and astrology without this orienting would be lame, or strain in vain.

Whether one uses the stars for personal guidance, research or social prevention,
the time of an event is where it all begins!

Still in Baghdad at 8am on 22 Sept-2003 another car-Kamikaze went through the UN HQs. Saturn stood overhead —5 odd minutes from exact alignment to the city's meridian. Traditionally, Saturn-Meridian line ups affect the land, buildings & foundations, especially that which is central—Headquarters fit the bill. A Mars-Uranus conjunction*—one of the most drastic things there is—was available on that day.

* CONJUNCTION: a 12 o'clock line up—where the two arms of a clock are at same point.
are typical of this conjunction. But the same event didn't occur anywhere else in that hour on that day. Moon, stars & line ups are global, not specific to any town—unless local Horizon or Meridian came into geographic focus.

* SURPRISE-ATTACK: Mars is an attack, Uranus a surprise.
This is what orienting a starmap is about.
A star may align to local meridian, as in 12 or 6 o' clock; or make a right angle with it, as in 3 o' clock. Or it may be in a parallel alignment to local horizon; or lay at a 45-degree angle from it, etc—these
angles of contact* are the most recognised points of release.

* ANGLES OF CONTACT: just as in the changing angles the two arms of a clock make with one another.
When the UN building was bombed at 8am, Baghdad's meridian made a 45-degree angle with the Mars-Uranus unit—which explainsthe release* of destructive potential, just then.

* RELEASE: this is always meant as a coinciding, or simultaneity, not as a cause—though we do say "trigger," as a figure of speech. That same meridian-arrangement prevailed elsewhere at various times, but with different results. This bombing-drama was unique worldwide on 22 Sept-2003—though 1001 characteristic tragedies never made the headlines.

MARS-URANUS Keywords: commando-raid, strike-force, riots, hit-and-run moves, ingenious tactics, mechanical operations, resorting to unusual schedules, a very drastic resolve, being exasperated with overseers, hell-bent on shaking off any tutelage, among other typical manifestations.
A baby born with this combination may be riotous, hyperactive at least, endowed with unusual physical skills; someone who will turn the tables in the history of Cricket, or warfare; a mechanical genius; a racing ace. He or she may be deeply affected by the memory of so many deadly human dramas, turn to fondness instead, grow into a sensitive artist, incapable of hurting a fly—or become an anti-riot policeman!

Astrological analysis is difficult, because nothing is more difficult than knowing where to draw a line! Every mental function must be engaged in that process... And Man is so complex, in which case we may have a skill and fail to use it! This is because we are more aware of our sins than alert to our potentialities. We are complex.

A volcano will choose to erupt within days from a Mars-Pluto Conjunction but you could also hear of a medical breakthrough instrumented by new scanning facilities, X-Ray-related technology, or in connection with genetic engineering. While that line up remained in force—3 to 12 weeks, depending on technical details—news of a hijack would hit the front page. One may feel victimised by coercive approaches at this time, or give in to ruthless impulses, turn into a tyrant, or a dark angel... Crime & corruption come to the fore—or on the contrary do not, for the surreptitious does not wave a banner. Anonymity hardly suits all temperaments so that rogues & dangerous fugitives may be caught just then, or be eliminated by their own kind for being a fool, taking chances! There are so many other correlations for each planetary combination, and interpretations, of course.

Still under a
Mars-Pluto configuration techniques for recycling resources may be upgraded, producing especial momentum for various workers & professionals—for recycling does amount to plucking gold from the air, without depleting! But continued lack of recycling—concern—or refusal to invest in a sharper consciousness of Nature's Dynamics—may deplete public incentives with aggravated consternation, at this time. Babies born then carry significant potential for becoming super-champions, stern heroes, dynamic bandits, or parasitical villains; or if a scientist, one with an interest in biology, or a sub-particles physicist, one who goes down to the root of matter, which is a perfect alibi for standing in awe at God's Creation every morning in the Lab while showing lukewarm interest for divinity—all of which might serve to explain why we get confused when it comes to putting our divine potential to use... WIMBLEDON under such a sky could have crowds experience another dimension of zeal, as they beheld super-physical performance.

A battle unfolding under a
Mars-Pluto Square is more than likely to be the theatre of unspeakable atrocities, but a General may prevent undue carnage, just stick to war; it has happened.
There is a lot more to say.

KEYWORDS astrologers have used since always will help newcomers make their own correlations. This particular vocabulary remains effective, only because the stellar art is so old in time, it was practically the cradle of scientific disciplines, and learned people had to be acquainted—in which case they wouldn't think of Mars as the God of War, and leave it at that! This art was taught in Faculties, essential part of curricula for doctors, academicians, law-makers, until recent times.

Readers benefit as they find out that VENUS corresponds with the Principle of Attraction, which is a
centripetal process, where things are drawn to center or self. In popular language Venus is love, beauty & harmony, and it means that someone is charming, carries good looks, sex-appeal, etc. But attractive also means that someone is bent on acquiring, in-taking, owning, and accumulating goods. POSSESSION then becomes a reliable keyword—if one is going to play this game at all.

MARS has correspondence with the
centrifugal process, which projects outwardly, instead of drawing in. Chemist separate liquids & substances in centrifugal machines. Isolate one thing from all other things, if possible—reduce it to a pure compound... Venus looks for a blend, whereas Mars strives for self-assertion at the root of some integrity that wishes to remain true-to-self. This search for purity isn't altogether a figure of speech insofar as adamant scientists and indefatigable lovers of life, not only warmongers, come under Mars. But nothing works all by itself and no one is made of one thing. A purist may err. Mars is independent, as in "not wanting to belong—and wanting only to be itself." A separative process follows, where things, objects, people & feelings are incessantly being cast out, ejected—so that "the true Me" may be found. This can turn to systematic elimination. At once the reader is introduced into a more real meaning of self-assertion, which is necessary for survival but is a separative force, leading to exclusion—we are describing the typically selfish-inconsiderate Mars-proclivities! And we are rather far from the God of War...

Those who intend to debunk astrology might keep presenting it in a Pagan light; they are sure to win a debate. But what might they be missing, one wonders... Venus means harmony, because it seeks to bind, to include, unify—and
this makes it beautiful!...

None of the ancient keywords were plucked out of a hat, be sure of that.

Venus is receptive, Mars penetrating. Jupiter operates on the basis of expansion, humour—whence Jovian—and consistency. Saturn on the contrary: consolidation, contraction, discipline & frugality instead of humour.

Literature in this field is abundant, though one does get by with a modest set of working clues.
New planets hardly benefit from millennia of observation and are still under scrutiny, though contemporary practitioners may have been too eager to make them fit into the old system.
Astrology has to be made sense of, whereas the reverse applies to art.
is symbolism.

Uranus was spotted in 1781. It had taken all of history to realise that our solar system might be incomplete. Since the 5 planets—Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn—all had a Greco-Latin name, so should the newcomer. Why it was called Uranus and not Neptune, Atlas or Proserpine is another matter. Astrologers work on the premises that a new planet should correspond with the special meaning of the era at hand.

Uranus keywords:
Uranus turned up at the Dawn of Modern Times. Its meanings are established chiefly in view of the eruption of technology, industrial expansion—a sign of increasing reliance on machines & robots. Other keywords include technology in general—especially electricity & electronics and related appliances.

Science—the method of it, which consists in unearthing facts, evidencing, reviewing, update & verification. Independence rebellion, eccentricity, anti-conformism. Novelty, surprise—the unexpected, as well as anticipation. This is the premier futuristic planet, but it specialises in Sci-Fi, New Arts & Alternative Lifestyles as well as Antiquities! Freedom, innovation, reform, emancipation, brotherhood, impersonal, altruist, helper, social assistance, all are chiefly denoted by Uranus.

Neptune was eventually identified in 1846. Surrounding that period we had a surge of Spiritualism , the rise of Communism , the Abolition of Slavery, The Gold Rush, much medical advance with Pasteur & Lister at work, among others. Chloroform was used then. Anesthetics come under this planet, so does hypnotism. Psychoanalysis is typical of abysmal Pluto though Neptune has a hand at it as an explorer of the uncharted. Photography & Motion Pictures belong with Neptune. The dramatic arts are a specialty, here.

Other most frequent keywords:
numbness, haze, subtle, refined, ethereal, indefinite, romanticism, illusion, confusion—or a confluence of factors, overloaded, submerged! Floods come under Neptune; cyclones also, but not tornadoes. Dissolution, physically & figuratively. Adventure beyond barriers & settings. Infinity, all-encompassing, lack of contours, tactical, soporific, oil & plastic-related matter, narcotics, opiates & barbiturates. High flying finance, expansion-schemes, revolutionary plots, magnum swindles & spectacular fallacies all come under this most elusive, but hyper-logical star. Neptune goes all the way from being completely vague & self-deluded, to performing superlative tactical operations as a breeze, just when everyone had given up of grasping the situation, and living with that.

Pluto keywords:
Last principal member in our system, and remotest [6 billion km—3.6 bn miles]. Pluto was found in 1930, coinciding with the Dawn of the Atomic Age, which gave modern life a new dimension. Huge quantities could be replaced with minute components. A spoonful of Uranium is equivalent to a mountain of coal. Real practicality is now available in a format that had hardly been envisaged at any other time. Technology could now be lean. Science often has failed simply for being still much too cumbersome, bulky.

These preliminary keynotes have been verified by practitioners worldwide—and hold good for all practical purposes.
Research is a tedious exercise at any rate and astrology is no exception; however, research in this field offers unique stimulus.
Prediction, for personal gain or for serious preventive purposes, is another matter! We may readily verify rules & keywords in hindsight, because we know what took place, where & when, whereas projecting always proves a hard nut to crack.

Serious science
has had to turn away from astrological practice, for lack of reliable forecasting. But all has not been said on this score, and those who wish to put in an effort may find it well worth their while.

What brings things about? This is a stumbling-block in futurology: how to recognise the cause of an event. Logically, World War I erupted with the Sarajevo assassination, itself brought about by the spread of Nationalism in the Balkans; even so, history often turns out to be centuries older. Sociology is quite helpless on the basis of headlines. Psychology is an assessment of human motives, especially how to put these into a sequence—for which reason anthropology must go all the way back to primal times; as in, there may be more to racial differences than arguments & massacres justified in pigmentation.

Prediction-making is difficult for similar reasons: personal knowledge determines the scope of insight. Ancient seers often discarded their visions, for not knowing what to make of bicycles, helicopters, fridges & televisions when these appeared in their heads... Likewise, we may be able to predict, but limited in what to make of it. Relating to a "psychic vision" is always facilitated by a pertinent grasp of precedents. This is a general rule. Predicting the next turn in Iraq, the White House, UN policies, EURO-relations, disease & famine in Africa, at the Kremlin, in the Space Race or in the History of Movie-Making, all requires a finer grasp of elements often not found in textbooks or in the dailies. Perception must remain impartial, as uncontaminated by confederated emotions. Envisioning space-time is basically fruitless, and rather boring one might add, if one steps into it with corporate views, the mentality of the last budget—and claims of compensation, too!... There may be nothing remotely similar to litigation in 80 years time.

A simple example of how the stars offer food for thought would be the coincidence of Jupiter-Saturn line ups—which repeat every 20 years—with the rise & fall of empires, dynasties, orders & institutions, the birth & death of monarchs, rulers, historic figures...

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