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Planetary cycles effectively indicate world events. Social trends & geophysical conditions are reflected in celestial configurations. This is an old adage, "As above so below." It is easier to prove that astrology works than it is to accept the idea of it. However, the proof in the pudding requires a little more than belief—as planetary combinations are infinite. The duration of cycles is a very variable matter, involving days or centuries, so statistical frequency a chief tool. Rarity is usually associated with major turns in history, though the monthly New Moon remains an exceptional trigger of events!

History doesn't merely repeat itself for the sake of it, or as a merry-go-round, as it were; existence recurs because life is a pattern.
Irregularity is a cyclic phenomenon.

All astrological predictions are based on cycle-assessment. A cycle defines the capacity of a thing to fulfill itself in a 4-season-run, and come into its next spring...

The engineer is especially concerned with what happens while an engine is running, rather than with how many times it might spin in a second. If it is too small, a sophisticated fan may not be as effective as a broad-leaf waved over a sultan... Life is unpredictable, not because it cannot be grasped, it's that no two cycles are alike in terms of a sequence of events.

An astrological cycle could be anything, the time it takes the Moon to circle Earth, or the same 2-planet-line up to occur again; or the same triangle of stars to appear over Alaska—anything at all! But cycles can also be based on invisible factors: no one sees the magnetic north, yet it is a very physical reality. A point of gravity is an abstract. The equinox is invisible, yet it makes the difference between winter & spring, etc.

Indeed, predictions are more often drawn from abstract considerations than from tangibles. The meaning of astrology is wholly unconcerned with "star-power." This very useful art remains a mysterious subject only in that it keeps being presented as a system of forces. Here is an example of what to avoid when talking about the stars:
"This morning I woke up with Jupiter rising next to Neptune in the sign of the Crab—and I had such a good day, because these two planets kept sending a
beam of positive inspiration into my consciousness—or whatever star-energy managed to pass through the crab's claws!..."

How should the above example read?
Start by explaining this: Though everything, including the stars, has a vibration, an astrology-report need not so much as mention the word "energy", other than as a figure of speech. The "stars work", because their cyclic patterns coincide with events—and these coincidences are indication enough, definitely!

We then go on to explain:
Jupiter & Neptune line up to Earth every 13 years. They will rise & set together for several weeks, then move apart.

As to meaning, a study of this 13-year-periodic Jupiter-Neptune line ups will surely highlight idealistic trends at all walks. Exaggerated hopes, resulting in exalted enterprises—then inflation, usually, to catch it all back...

A straight debate over astrological issues should never aim at proving that "Neptune contains a kind of gas that produces mass-euphoria, which it sends to us—and this explains the nature of inflations, and corporate collapses!..." It would be just as dim to debunk star-lore by exclaiming: "Do you expect me to believe that we have wars, because Mars turns red at times!?..."

One should say:
"Here is a report of 100 Jupiter-Neptune line ups: these do seem to coincide with a surge of idealism—not available with the same consistency at other times... Idealism is exasperation at stagnant conditions. Suffering, inequality, uncertainty, foment reformative motions. Disorder ensues almost invariably— not that a revolution has to be bloody or messy —but because zeal seldom comes in an organised package-system as a parcel with ribbons and chocolates in the box, as well... A reform is an intelligence-program. A scheme should be thoroughly inspected. Desire for change must be backed by a serious schedule, not because it is the morally right thing to do, but because zeal without a scheme usually leads to exacerbation—which triggers off riots. Who knows how many worthwhile reforms have failed for lack of an adequate preemptive approach?

Jupiter & Neptune are known to astrologers as the two transcendentals; they are spiritual symbols as well—yet their line ups coincide with
geophysical catastrophes of first-magnitude. Also, for some reason, Jupiter [morality] and Neptune [charity] are almost always a highlight in the sky whenever a case of high-swindling makes the headlines. Corruption is fat under Jupiter, while with Neptune there is no end to illusion. In medical astrology these two are associated with outbreaks of pandemic diseases.
Jupiter-Neptune analysis-report to follow...

Anyone who assesses a proper astrological report will be quite astounded at correlations between real events and some striking feature in the sky.

• A simple procedure consists in checking if there is a planet right on a compass point—
in relation to the town where that event comes to pass.

Chernobyl Meltdown, 26 April 1986
Trouble began shortly after midnight: Moon & Venus were then aligned to local north-south axis.
The Madrid Bombing, 11 March 2004
The bombs went off at 7.40am, minutes from local sunrise. The computed starmap for this time shows Mercury right on Madrid's horizon. Pluto stood overhead.

• This straightforward method can only be used if one knows the time of the event, as horizon & meridian rotate a full circle in 24 hours with the earth.

More examples:

The 26 December 2004 Tsunami
At 8.45am Aceh had Neptune rising & Saturn setting. This is an east-west alignment to the catastrophe's epicentre.
• The two bodies wouldn't have been right on that axis at 8.30 nor at 9 o' clock.
• Astrologers think of Neptune as a prime symbol of the ocean. As to Saturn at the setting point, this is traditionally associated with calamity.

The Lockerbie Pan Am catastrophe
On 21 Dec 1988 a terrorist-bomb went off as the said Jumbo was flying over this Scottish locality. None of the 260 passengers survived, while the crash itself took more lives on the ground.
At 7pm Lockerbie had Mars right overhead.
• Astrologers always think of Mars in a situation involving
weapons, fire, explosions, aggression, warfare, conflict, strife, violent incidents, etc.

Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941
Attack started at 7.55am: Mars was exactly on the north line.

Manhattan Terrorist Attack—9/11
First target at 8.45am: Mercury rising, and Jupiter overhead.
• Traditionally, these two planets refer to travel & transport. Jupiter is a Jumbo!

Hiroshima, 6 Aug. 1945—first use of an atomic weapon in warfare.
Detonation at 8.15am: Jupiter, which always indicates events of titanic proportions, was then rising. Mars & Uranus were overhead as a pair—one of the most drastically violent astrological combinations.

Alamogordo, 16 July 1945
The first Atomic Bomb was tested at 5.30am—local sunrise. Pluto was rising, and Moon on the north point.
planetary lineup Some common features are often found though this doesn't prove or disprove anything. In the above method, one or more planets must be very near a cardinal point. Though the sun, moon & planets all rise & set each day, it is somewhat uncanny to find them right on a line just when history-making events happen, as above.
The stars work for people as well as for social events:
John Travolta was born with
Uranus rising; so were Mick Jagger, Rex Harrison, Edgar Degas, John Denver, Fred Astaire, and also Hitler. Whatever this may mean, we make a note of it.
Uranus was rising when The Titanic finally went down. Sputnik—First Satellite—was launched in 1957 with this same rising.
A coincidence: Apollo XI took off in July 1969 as Jupiter & Uranus rose together; they were setting as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, 3 days later.

There is no obvious correlation between these 3 events—apart from that they are space-related and occur as planets strike a line:
Sputnik I—launch 1957: Uranus rising, Moon setting, and Neptune north.
First Man in Space: Yuri Gagarin, 1961: Sun & Venus overhead, Jupiter & Saturn setting
First American in Space: Alan Shepard, 1961: Venus rising & Moon overhead.
Striking coincidences:
Launch of Titanic, 30 May 1911, with Sun, Mercury & Saturn overhead [or Noon point]
Final journey, 10 April 1912: same 3 planets also overhead
Collision with iceberg, 5 days later: same 3 planets now at the opposite end [or, Midnight point...]
J.F. Kennedy was inaugurated with these same 3 planets also overhead.
The Dallas tragedy occurred with Sun+Mercury overhead, but Saturn was rising.
The President was born with Saturn overhead, actually—so were Hitler, Napoleon and Aldo Moro (Italian Premier, kidnapped and murdered by Red Brigade.)

In traditional astrology, the north symbolises "the end of things", it is the deepest of space—the Nadir. The Sun—and only the Sun—is always at the Nadir at Midnight. Some examples from history:
SUN at the NADIR
Titanic's collision with the iceberg.
May 1945: final surrender of the Germans [Saturn setting]

Pearl Harbour—attack at 7.55am—Mars exactly on parallel with the local Nadir.
Okeechobee Hurricane: Mars on parallel with local Nadir, which was at maximum height—or Solstice Point.

To be continued...

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