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Line Up
Short for planetary alignment, which occurs when most planets gather in a narrow span of our solar system. Such a serious concentration of bodies makes for a rather exceptionally rarecelestial incident—not that the line ever is precise, as in 6 o' clock.

Mundane Astrology:
A very extensive subject that deals with world events, including futurology in the broadest sense—and History, as well—whereas personal astrology is concerned chiefly with individual potentialities, prospects & proclivities.

What does it do?
Mundane Astrologers generally expect a line up to have terrific impact in some particular department of affairs [Fashion, Medical Breakthroughs, etc.] as well as coincide with some phase of societal development, which is always crucial & momentous for the International Community, but may not be so conspicuous all at the one time...

Planets travel each on a path around the Sun.

Orbital revolution
The time it takes a planet to go once around the Sun, depending on how far its orbit. Earth [150 million km away] revolves in a year, Pluto [over 4 billion km] takes 247 years...

Frequency of Event
With these odds in view, a Line Up of 6 or 7 planets is technically akin to organising an intercontinental race involving a turtle, a snail, a hare, a horse, a jet and the bicycle belonging to the man who organised Trench-Digging in 1914 then expecting all participants to meet at 6 o' clock outside the theatre, stand in line... and probably watch the movie without picking up a new idea for litigation...

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