The Secrets of Your Starsigns

Commanding and Obeying Starsigns

What you are about to read has never been written before, except what shows in Table 1, which sums up all that's been written on this topic since the invention of writing. No further comment is to be found in any book old, recent or forbidden.

TABLE 1—Standard Textbook description of Northern and Southern Signs
The first 6 signs of the zodiac: Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo and Virgo

These signs are called Commanding or Leading and said to be stronger or more powerful, being closer to the Zenith.
The last 6 signs of the zodiac: Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces

These signs are called Obeying or Following.

Properly referred to as the Northern and Southern Signs respectively these two kinds of starsigns you've never heard of are listed in every textbook, but never discussed beyond what shows in Table 1, except to repeat what shows in Table 1 word for word—which makes it the most neglected aspect of astrology, along with quite a few other bits of that ancient knowledge we've just lost, perhaps not forever, as there's always a possibility of putting clues together; God gave us an intellect to work it out.

Back to Earth all we know is that the Northern and Southern Signs are respectively called commanding and obeying, only no one knows how it's meant, for time has erased any trace of that ancient knowledge and how to use it, leaving just those two words no one's ever qualified—probably because it says it all: Commanding means the same thing as being the boss, and Obeying is what happens when you're not the boss—and who needs further explaining about any of this?

You won't need a better explanation, if you believe that being born on the north side of the fence provides immunity against other people's whims, unless you're a compliant sort of fellow in which case you won't mind putting up with everyone else's idiosyncrasies on top of your own—or excluding your own, as happens in extreme cases. Indeed some individuals will put up with anything unbearable and find it quite pleasurable as well, so long as it's someone else's folly and not their own.

Mind you, it's not clear whether compliance comes down to accepting any nonsense without question and being polite about it, or being courteous to show that you can shut up in a polite kind of way. Webster, or any such academic compilation tend to make
complying synonymous with being obliging and equal to conformity—which is traditionally regarded as a sign of being civilised, by social psychologists or as a sign of rehabilitation, if you're reading it in a psychological dictionary while waiting to get out of jail. Thankfully, trendy word-power dictionaries are not so dramatic—that's why they're called trendy—and generally describe conformity as do as you like, so long as it doesn't turn against you, although if you're a rebel then your favourite word-power website will probably explain conformity as what you'll be doing everyday of your life, so long as you haven't beaten the system yet.

It's hard enough to know what's what when there is so much to choose from, even if you keep starsigns out of the picture—not that you could, the media industry would collapse. So it's only fair to try and work out who's who up there in the stars and, especially who's better at doing this or that.

Unfortunately we don't have too many clues at this point, apart from that pathetic standard textbook table which suggests that
being born under a northern sign makes you a commanding type of person while southern starsigns make people obedient. And that's all you get.
However, whatever compliance might be, if obeying comes to the same thing then it's unlikely that some starsigns are better at it than others. For social masochism is a human trait rather than a zodiacal specialisation.

Since our manuals are so completely mute on this topic one must conclude that the matter is either self-explanatory or not worth a mention. The latter option is unlikely however; the knowledge may be lost but that doesn't make it insignificant. On the contrary, what makes it useless is when you don't explain it because it seems obvious.

Trouble is, leaving it at that suggests that there are two kinds of people in this world, those who are born to rule and conquer, and those who must put up with being invaded or bullied—unless it happens close to Election Time and then, all of a sudden, the bullies are those who wrongly resist being invaded for the right cause.

With this brand of logic you could also demonstrate that there is a Commanding Type in nature, and if you aren't one of those then you must be an Obeying Type of person in society.
Assuming that such types exist, how would that show in real life?
Here again you'll be on your own to figure it out, as there is no academic definition for it—which means, check your favourite word-power website or ask your little sister about it and it'll come to about the same. According to both opinions combined,
the commanding type would be someone who gives orders instead of taking them, as well as a natural leader of men.
The Oxford Dictionary will let you walk away with such fanciful interpretations for having nothing better to offer because, in fact there is no proper explanation for what it means to be in command.

Being fussier than academicians, psychologists might argue that being a born-leader doesn't make it natural, and astrologers, who are even fussier than both will probably explain that it makes no difference if you don't feel natural about it, so long as you're a Fire Sign you've got the spirit of command in you.

It's an indication of a kind, perhaps better than none. Anyway in both cases you'll still walk away with the same general idea that commanding has to do with being in charge, and the person in charge has to be seen to be issuing directives, instead of taking orders from anyone around.

As to what the obeying type might be, this is the mystery question of the day, as such a type of individual just does not seem to exist. You won't come across it in a fairytale and no one's even heard of it in office gossip, which means it can't be real—if it's not happening at the office then it's not real. To confirm it, ask any self-respecting Bondage Instructor (male or female) and they'll tell you, we don't know of anyone like that. They are not lying, or why would they work so hard at it?

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