Gender Wars in Context

The Mystery of Persisting Gender Conflicts

We (Men and Women) have worked hard at our differences, but peace remains an elusive notion.

No one knows what isn't working between us or why gender conflicts should be as hot as "The War of the Roses"! It wouldn't be half a mystery if we had been slack. In fact, we have done a great job by way of a pacification. Better, we have achieved a point of universal cooperation!—and all that in half a century, too... One may be cynical about gender harmony today but the fact remains, men and women are now capable of enjoying every aspect of life, more and better than they have since Adam and Eve. We get more out of a private encounter. We juggle with our social roles—this alone is phenomenal, unheard of! It's simple, we have everything, we can call the shots, live happy for a moment or for a day, repeat that tomorrow, grow old together with a plan—even drift into happiness. No pun intended.

What could be missing when we have got the lot?

Our rapports have improved, all right. We don't even have a name for what's left of our problems. "The Battle of the Sexes" appears to have been some fantasy of ancient language...

Another option is that we are not looking at something right, or not in the right direction. Gender relations still being as strained as in pre-modern days can only mean that we have been rushing ahead of our own success.

Too much evidence keeps pointing to the same error in all areas—not excluding romance. We are so busy striving we discard what we achieve, as soon as it happens.

It's called "being all over the place."

The 2005-7 Saturn Return in Leo warns against a continuing temptation to set goals while downplaying the real effort that makes anything possible. We then go for more, more, more, but we grow oblivious to what we have got going for ourselves, a simple humility in performance.

To be continued...
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