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Quick and Slow Rising Starsigns

Two types of zodiacal signs universally known as Long and Short Ascension [Signs] and listed under that name in every astrological dictionary.
The standard textbook description here-below actually sums up all the literature we have on this topic. You will note that there is no reference as to meaning. Not a sausage. All to say, these two kinds of starsigns may as well be a lost tribe of Indians somewhere in the Amazon, so it's no surprise if you haven't heard of this thing in your many travels.

Standard Textbook Explanation of Long and Short Ascension Signs
[Writer's remarks in this font]
So-called long and short ascending, because the ones take longer to rise and the others come over the horizon much more quickly. This is due to the earth's tilt, which causes time to transpire very unevenly at certain latitudes.

LONG Ascension Signs
So-called LONG, because they take longer to rise [or linger over the horizon]
The long ascending signs are:
Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio and Sagittarius—Virgo and Libra being the slowest.
NOTE that this is valid only in the Northern Hemisphere. The situation is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere, where the long ascending signs become short ascending.
[They mean if you were born in the Southern Hemisphere under one of these same 6 signs, then that would make it a SHORT ascending starsign, instead of a long one]

SHORT Ascension Signs
So-called SHORT, because they come over the horizon much more quickly.
The short ascending signs are:
Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus and Gemini—Pisces and Aries being the fastest-moving.
NOTE that this is valid only in the Southern Hemisphere. The situation is reversed in the Northern Hemisphere, where the short ascending signs become long ascending.
[They mean if you were born in the Northern Hemisphere under one of these same 6 signs, then that would make it a LONG ascending starsign, instead of a short one]

END of Textbook Explanation

So basically all we know regarding these two types of signs is that one moves faster than the other, and this will be reversed depending on whether you were born in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.
But we've never come across a single straightforward reference as to how to interpret what any of this might mean for you.
At first we thought there has to be a clue, somehow, even if it's hidden.
It was buried, it's a lost knowledge. So lost, we gave up all search ages ago and never opened up that book again until recently, when one question arose:
What difference does it make if it moves faster or slower, anyway?
Well, it would mean that more babies must be born under a slow-rising sign—the two kinds of signs happen as frequently on any day, but obviously the slow ones must attract a much larger demography.
It was just a thought, the kind of realisation you don't know what to do with, only that it must mean something.

And what would ascension mean, we next wondered, how would that show in real life?
Well, ascension is the best thing that'll ever happen to you, it's the stuff dreams are made of. Ascending is what happens when you're on the way up—you won't get any luckier, whenever that happens.
Does that mean that you'll get lucky sooner, if you're a quick sign, and later if you're a slow one?
It couldn't be that simple, we thought.
Does being a slow rising sign mean the same thing as being a slow-starter, or is that another silly question?
It was a necessary question as part of research, but we didn't find that to be the case.
In the astrological tradition,
anything that moves slow tends to be regarded as more reliable, and on the contrary if it moves much faster then it may be prove erratic or not steady enough.
The general principle is sound and remains valid, albeit somewhat too loose for practical application.
Any other clue we found on this topic was just as loose, useless.

So it was best to start all over again.

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