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The July 2005-September 2007 Leo-Aquarius Lineup

5 March 2007

Leo and Aquarius stand in a permanent 6 o'clock alignment, with Earth between the two star signs. Astrologers call this an Opposition lineup. The Leo-Aquarius Opposition becomes active when two planets strike that line. The effects are very variable and much depends on how long the lineup lasts.

Neptune stays over a decade in each star sign, so slow it moves. It is to be in Aquarius from January 1998 until February 2012 at a stretch (*except for a couple of short breaks). Any planet coming through Leo in that period will automatically be in opposition to Neptune. This will happen once a year in July-August, when the Sun comes to Leo, and once a month for 3 days at a time, as the Moon passes through that star sign. Mars stays there 6 to 12 weeks every second year. Jupiter spends one whole year in Leo every 12 years—the last time was from 1 Aug 2002 to 27 Aug 2003.

Saturn stays almost 3 years in Leo every 30 years—currently since July 2005 until 2 September 2007. This is a very important lineup for people and their Leaders and we have another 5 months of it, as of this writing.

Note that any lineup has infinite historical ties so that you could write a whole book just about one of them. We were able to find a connection between this lineup and King Kong.

The Symbolic Meaning of King Kong

gold bullett Club version sample

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Political Outcomes

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