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20 February 2007

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This report is based on the all-important 3-year lineup, Saturn in Leo, in force until 2 September 2007.
Backup coverage: The 2005-7 Saturn Return in Leo

This lineup is very important in that it affects all things central, including the heart, the ego, leaders, high command, pride, glory, icons, etc. Star Sign Leo traditionally rules over these things. Saturn, the severe planet, comes here every 30 years for about 3 years. That period used to be feared as the plague by kings, rulers and warlords, because this fatalistic lineup could prove a serious nuisance to anyone. The people themselves felt better once it had been and gone—regardless of what might come next—because it could be so mean as to take from the miserly.

The general idea is that it makes no difference who is mighty or what meekness might be about, we all get a serve, at this time.

This strict lineup suggests international attention turns to issues often dismissed as less urgent while we rush to more dramatic calls.

The degree of anxiety does not measure the importance of the concern.

One utterly vital question you don't get to read about is the simple consideration that political futures are created by the day by a total combination of all human activities, not by any one outcome in particular. This impartial lineup recommends caution beyond the scope of current Presidential Campaigns.

No one knows where the whole civilisation is moving to nor how fast that might be happening. It is not possible to expect anyone to have all the answers, regardless of rank. At best we may glimpse into what is to come and how to gear for it for the good of all. But these elusive insights vanish in a matter of minutes, no matter who is having them. The last thing we need is to keep playing the blame game as a way of life, just because we never know what's going on!

As if the destiny of mankind depended on what the Prime Minister eats for lunch and how often he buys a sandwich out of his own pocket-money, for goodness sake.

Here are a few more guidelines, translated from this sobering lineup:
In general, International Electorates may be better served by not shifting to a new Administration on grounds of poor performance. At least while Saturn is still in Leo, until 2 Sept 07, it is not advisable to put too much weight on track records to establish who should stay in power. It always matters but you can't always afford to be fastidious about it.

Political shifts at this point in history are ultra-sensitive to a collective call of futuristic salvation. We could do with less stingy moralities all day long, if only to give Charlie fewer points of insinuation. It is debile to see how much sarcasm you get served in the dailies. Voltaire could afford that luxury, because he had something else to say. Modern journalism is supposed to be a liberating agent, not just to make a mess of one another at every breath.

We do self-defeat to a fine art, on this planet.

To think that still in 2007 we are electing people on a basis of who is more moral for having less sins!...

What does being immaculate have to do with the Art of Government?

The machinery involving the Balance of Power is much too complex a job to be overhauled every time we don't like someone.

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