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The Symbolic Meaning of King Kong

5 March 2007

This text is partly related to the all-important lineup Saturn in Leo—in force from July 2005 to September 2007. The connection between the towering ape and a lion is not immediately obvious apart from that both animals enjoy royal status, and keep making money for their friends...

Few lineups are as critical to people and their leaders, for a 3-years stretch. Technically,
Leo affects all things central while Saturn can make this the best deal there is for both, or very much the reverse. As it happens, Saturn is deeply compatible with Leo in some respects, and severely inimical on other grounds. We have had a taste of each since July 2005, enough to suppose that making it to September 2007 with prior knowledge might be less of a risk.

We are taking a risk we don't understand when we keep refusing meanings, just because they come at us in a symbol.

king kong Saturn is very compatible with Leo to the extent King Kong could have found happiness in Broadway had his impresarios made a home big enough for him and Naomi Watts, the woman who has physical emotions instead of a body. Big apes are not silly.

How these two could have been happy together we shall make clear, when we get to it. But supposing they could have, then this lineup here would prove broadly positive at large for everyone in the nation, and most beneficial to international sensibilities.

Saturn is deeply antagonistic to Leo in a case where King Kong's impresarios were silly enough to even consider keeping such an animal in captivity for any length of time. Well in that case this lineup comes down as hail on leaders, and people endure hardship along with them.

The Old Symbolic Rule still has general application:
Leaders are icons, national treasures; it's not all we have, but you can't replace it—for a time or longer is quite another matter.

We (people) suffer more when our Leaders are having a hard time than when they give us a hard time—worse if they are not even aware of what's happening to them. King Kong is a celluloid interpretation of the sheer magnitude of Human Greatness. The reality of this huge human potential becomes increasingly possible as the Ego remembers its evolutionary ties in the Animal Kingdom, whence we derive.

We are not Superior Animals for being
more than them—it's that we have already been animals. We are more evolved for having been through that evolution and now contain the totality of it in ourselves. Animals understand all this, they don't even resent it... They willingly become pets for us, in fact.

They are baffled at us for another reason...

How Animals View Humans...

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