2005-7 Saturn Return in Leo

Two Essential Geopolitical Predicaments

Highlights from the 2005-7 Saturn Return in Leo

Kings, Chiefs and Emperors are the people who made history—and fairytales, because history is so unbelievable...

They wrote every chapter of history for a million years, until the First World War... Then, what had been a planetary tradition since always came to an end!

Saturn lands in Leo, August 1916...
It took 2 more years of unparalled atrocity to bring down the last historical dynasty of a kind.
Oddly enough, Saturn is the archetype of tradition, encouraging old customs and reinstating ancient values, whenever possible. On the contrary,
Uranus specialises in undoing the old order of things as a first option.
Uranus, the demolition expert...

Uranus is openly praised for having given us a modern identity, and secretly hated, because thanks to so much demolishing, we are running an identity crisis as a lifestyle!...

Saturn is openly hated for maintaining an insular state of affairs, when progress should be cosmopolitan.

Two geopolitical predicaments:

(1) Progress perceived as a virus...
Where change continues to be perceived as a disease, barriers are maintained to protect a notion from being contaminated by anything outside its own truth.
In this climate, archaic values are enforced or about to be reinstated.

(2) Progress misunderstood...
Conflict is an aggravation, not an indication of hopelessness.
Change has been accepted by people everywhere and continues to be welcome in most parts of the world, where barriers are being put down one after another, to let the light in. But the nature of progress is elusive, by definition, so the hard part is to grasp just what is required.

Continuing vagueness as to what might constitute a point of change means that old ways may persist despite good will.

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