The 2005-6 Jupiter Return in Scorpio

A Mighty Omen of Power

Jupiter comes through Scorpio every 12 years apart for a year at a time, now since October 2005 and until November 2006. Once nicknamed Greater Benefic and Fortuna Major, Jupiter is the "one we all want for a lucky star." Not everyone feels that way about it, until it happens to them…
Suspicion as to who is lucky and what is beneficial has persisted since The War of the Titans, which ended Saturn's reign. A "New Order" was subsequently created and Jupiter has always represented a new way of going about things against the "Old System," which is how we refer to Saturn to this day. Perhaps a couple of billion of us remain unsure as to how to take this state of affairs.
Physically, the lucky planet is as huge as a golf ball the size of a melon. Among other things, this gigantism denotes an exaggerated emphasis of some star sign characteristics. So, for the year at hand we expect some aspect of Scorpio to make big headlines the way newspapers like it. The titanic effect keeps things happening just right in many vital regards, including enterprise, the march of progress and the general mood of people across the board, but this kind of magnitude is bound to engender disorders due to disproportion wherever it hits. It can turn on the tap of success with the force of a water-jet to scare the crowds away—and then, try to get a cup's worth out of that!…

Lion rampant

If anything in the sky represents power, what we do with it and how far we can go, Jupiter in Scorpio is it!… We call it a "mega configuration" because when it makes history it makes it big.

With the "disproportion effect" coming through Scorpio, you could be looking at a power-complex on a Napoleonic scale. The man who gave it its name was born under this configuration, actually. So was Al Capone… Nero also had this omen at birth, so had French king Louis XIV, nicknamed "Roi Soleil," Sun King, "The state is Me," he said.

As you know, Jupiter returns to Scorpio every 12 years for 12 months, so millions of babies world-wide will have this celestial seal. Some of them often get to be called one name and when you hear it, it's clear who it is. Elvis Presley was one of them. You could say "King Elvis" or just "The King." Likewise, "The Great Ava Gardner" or just AVA, and "The Great Mahalia Jackson" or just MAHALIA. We also have Zsa Zsa in this batch of babies, Astaire and Bogart, mind you, Duke Ellington, "The Duke"… Davie Bowie is there too, along with Hitchcock, Monet, Ravel, Lautrec, Rodin, Zola, Tchaikovsky, Ibsen, Nabokov… Tolstoy!… Also born with Jupiter in Scorpio were Marcus Aurelius, LAFAYETTE, Jules Verne; we also have Er Hemingway, Ch Laughton, Ch Boyer, J L Borges, Aly Khan, Marcel Marceau, Floyd Patterson, Ballerina MARKOVA, Carol Channing, Norman Mailer, Joseph Heller, Vincent Price and Boris Karloff as a matter of fact, not forgetting cult leader Aleister Crowley, "The Beast," in contrast with Albert Schweitzer and Geo Santayana, R M Rilke, Ch Brontë and T E Lawrence. Some readers may be interested to know that D W Griffiths and composer Ri Strauss also had this seal, along with Kisinger, Pompidou, R Reagan, Joseph Kennedy, JFK's Dad, J Foster Dulles, Chiang Kai-Shek, Con Adenauer, A De Tocqueville, Fran Pierce and Ben Disraeli. And, of course, Napoleon Bonaparte.

This "mighty" celestial omen is true to its name or the epitome of it, actually. Whatever we think of when we speak of the "Mighty" is encapsulated in this astral function—which keeps reminding us that Power and Glory are very real, but what counts is how we make it work for us. Because these things have no will apart from that we intend.
This "mega-configuration" embodies the very concept of Imperial Power—the highest level of control anyone could achieve on this planet, until World War 1 cornered it behind trenches and barbed wire.


With this thing now back in the sky, the reincarnation of an old dream feels more real by the day for many who idealise a grandeur of a kind. For many more, it is a nightmare come back to haunt them.

This mighty omen has been revered across the ages and a cause for street-celebrations every 12 years, but hated just as often—depending on how the meek multitudes had been treated by those who had turned mighty at the last carnival, 12 years earlier… Mostly the multitudes rise in turmoil, simply because glory turns into a Jack of All Trades best of all.

It's that there is no final definition for meekness. You could say of a man that he is humble, if some of it still shows after he has turned mighty!…

To be continued…

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