2005-6 Jupiter Return in Scorpio

Eagle Power on Your Side

This special issue is part of an extensive coverage based on the Jupiter transit in Scorpio, in force from October 2005 to November 2006.

If we learn anything from history it's that nothing happens by itself.

Elsewhere in these series we have described Jupiter in Scorpio as the archetype of Imperialism. Imperialism often is described as a destructive force, many see it as some ugly ancient beast that keeps making a mess of history and ravages out of habit. Ironically, this insatiable monster may have taken history out of the dark ages, perhaps given evolution a chance to exist...

Jupiter in Scorpio amplifies the urge for power to an extent that has few practical parallels in ordinary living. It also enlarges the dimension of reality, where the sky is the limit. Much history has been written in ink and blood under this celestial climate. Soldiers became generals under this transit, and generals took on the world in that same year. History tended to look different on a map after these people had been at it... Driven by this force in the sky, a fellow who could hardly spell his name rode out of town for no reason he knew, raised an army, however that happened, then claimed half the world his own—and for all that, never knew why he had left home in the first place!

Greed and conquest are not always one and the same.

The urge to conquer may be driven by blind greed:
Great invasions that proved a major disaster for everyone often were initiated at this time. Men who had a say and whatever between the ears no doubt saw it propicious to stage carnage on scale under this mighty constellation.

But conquest may respond to a call for future life:
In fact, a couple of lesser battles that nonetheless decided our way of life were concluded under the same celestial premises.

Eagle Power Very obviously, Jupiter in Scorpio is related to Imperialism in some archetypal fashion. As to just who decided that imperialism should be represented by an eagle, not too many venture to explain. Some believe that these two were made for each other, because one has claws and the other carries on as though anything were up for grabs...
But this bird can soar, it wasn't picked as a symbol of majesty for being a peerless predator, so there is yet hope to comprehend that greatness consists in a deliberate elevation from pettiness, rather than making a mockery of lofty values to then justify rapacious philosophy.

All to say, while the year is not over
this transit may be expected to lend a hand to individuals and organisations of a kind—even give those who fly an eagle the winning edge, just because they do. However if that happens to you, put it in a perspective, don't walk away thinking the good old eagle power did it: (1) acknowledge that you must have done something right. (2) Find out what that was.

Here are some clues for those willing to reconsider their options, but uncertain as to where to begin:

Effort directed at progress in a spirit of practical impartiality gains essential impetus under this transit:
You win against much greater odds, if you work along those lines.
You may be one of the lucky ones, if you were attuned to that effort all along and never knew it.
While this transit lasts, if you are doing the right thing but do not win, don't call it a loss too quickly.

Those who work to build a better world understand that this is to be achieved by improving anything at all, rather than by aiming at landmarks of the kind best left to the giants in this world.

We defeat ourselves mostly by investing in big dreams while longing for simple things that we can't do without.

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