2005-6 Jupiter Return in Scorpio

Strategic Advantages

This mega-configuration repeats every 12 years, remaining in force one whole year—currently from October 2005 to end November 2006. During this period, Jupiter (the visitor) comes through Scorpio (the host).

How Jupiter operates and what Scorpio prefers
The visitor (always a planet) represents a function and a purpose of act. With JUPITER this is related to growth, expansion, enterprise, exploration, religion...

The host (always a star sign) shows how to go about it for best results, or how to operate in that environment. SCORPIO prioritises and prefers control, integrity, recycling...

For example, if you are thinking of expanding at this time, reconsider your recycling options, or "re-using" what you already have before buying it new. "Reconsider" suggests that you may have thought about it and hit a blank. The hard part is to recognise an asset and we never know that well enough. Jupiter in Scorpio signals major benefits, developments and turning-points in connection with the idea of a Phoenix being reborn from its own ashes.
Another example. This should give you an idea of how strict Scorpio priorities are.
jupiter Among other things, Jupiterian functions consist in handling hot issues and walking on eggs all day long!... Whether it's for a joke, part of a job or for purposes of courtship, the idea is to grow enthusiastic by the hour. We go about town selling beliefs, religious definitions... these often please the Devil, if anyone... We are happy to talk about religion, as long as it has nothing to do with science, history or politics... As to political standpoints, these wake up feeling true to themselves, as long as religion has no part in it... Then you have ideological recipes for "how to make it to the afterlife, and find out who won in the end, before the game's over"...

We sell anything to get some zeal happening around the clock, at home, in the classroom or in the nation, but we are hardly aware of sharing a passion, wherever it happens.

Under a Scorpio regime, however, handling these operations without a modicum of integrity is to ask for easy explanations that are difficult to explain.

Scorpio will prefer an impartial standpoint where it matters.

Note that Scorpio takes things at heart. "Prefer" could mean a strategic advantage, on a battlefield or over the kitchen table makes no difference to the stinger. If anything, the celestial insect is apt to be indifferent to who wins, as long as what matters is preserved.
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