2005-6 Jupiter Return in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio

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In ancient times, Jupiter going through the Sign Scorpio was represented by a Lion, traditional symbol of MIGHT—as well as by an Eagle, to emphasize the GRIP on POWER.

This configuration dramatises the fact that Power is central, and will keep journalists busy with that theme for the best of the year.

There has never been a shortage of GREED—in fact, we are so used to it, we hardly notice it when it runs to an excess... Nor will anyone
swing the polls or captivate an audience by revealing how many of us are lusting for power and who isn't in a state of sin. Quantity in this regard has always been secondary, and being morally punctilious about it isn't strategically recommendable at this time.

Instead, expect to hear about how greed works, what it does to people, what it makes them do. Where power is found, how anything can be turned into power, how to harness it, how it is to be handled and managed—these are the issues of the day.
eagle And then there is the BALANCE of POWER. An unusual enough shift in that regard will make 2006 a year to remember. This mega-configuration puts a stress on what WORLD POWERS do—but on how they aim at anything, most of all!

As always with stringent SCORPIO, the matter of COGENCY takes precedence—so that VOTES may still be won, even in a case of failure, provided an enterprise had been conceived with an intelligence to match.

The reverse applies, where ELECTORATES tend to remain unimpressed despite a success, if the given venture is seen to have been engineered with a STRATEGIC MENTALITY amounting to dreaming up numbers for KENO.

WHO WINS THE VOTES in 2006 is he, she or they who can REPEAT any desirable act—which may be a feat or just a pleasing gesture. For Scorpio is concerned with FUTURE POTENTIALITIES and requires RELIABILITY—this being trebled by Jupiter's passage therein.

More WOMEN this year will join an already large cosmopolitan population intent on having less from a LOVER—or prefer rather than trying out another disillusion in the form of a FLUKE. However, just as many shall enjoy contentment in a relationship, for persisting beyond that fear. In fact, the MARRIAGE BUSINESS prospers this year—not that COUPLES are less temperamental, all of a sudden, but because they go back on an impulse. Note that while DIVORCE also flourishes, the actual QUALITY of GENDER HARMONY is better than usual, this year.
More to come on this topic...

This 12-year cycle is bound to add spice to the ongoing ideological battle for world domination which affects the march of progress and the general direction of society. 2006 may be a turning-point in this regard, significantly paving the way to clearer results in years to come.

Depending on the observer's standpoint,
this celestial movement is markedly ominous or auspicious.

It is a dark omen to those who see Imperialism as a force on the rise—to be stopped, whatever it takes. These will live with a fear until Christmas, knowing that their sworn enemy shall be much too strong to be stopped and probably culminate, however they fight it!

To those in the Imperial League, this Jupiter stopover comes as an unexpected blessing, or as a mighty ally from out of nowhere. These may bite their fingers in 2007, for not having recognised an ally in 2006. Actually, we wouldn't call it a "blessing in disguise" if it could be spotted on time...

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